Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection in Limited Edition

One of the most favored cosmetic brands KIKO MILANO presents the limited edition called “QUEEN OF THE LIGHT.” The new luxury makeup collection influenced by the magnificence of opulent kingdom dedicated to highlight women’s Fall Winter 2014 2015 make-up wardrobe. Discover here on Fashionbashon an exclusive selection of the prestigious makeup products with the price list detail freshly launched by Kiko Milano.Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection QUEEN OF THE LIGHT

The glamour and sparkling tones of gold and precious gemstones with abundance of light illuminating the timeless beauty of the queen, inspired by the prestige of a prosperous kingdom the new Kiko Milano luxurious makeup collection reflects daring and magnetic allure, a power of femininity naturally emanated from the elegance combination of the skin colors. The limited edition is packaged in charming and practical cases and available in illuminating bronzer, face brush, highlighter, eye pencil, eyeshadow and mascara, a complete cosmetic item to make up your face and enhance an enticing look throughout the season. Here are the must-have packages of the new Limited Edition luxurious makeup collection of Kiko Milano:

Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection: Precious Illuminating Bronzer

Precious Illuminating Bronzer (£18.00): From the limited edition Kiko makeup Queen of the Light collection, this product is secure and easy to apply. This illuminating bronzer is designed to soften your skin and smooth its color with a brightening effect, the bronzer is composed by a special mix of gemstones with four different colors in a single compact to create an ideal shade for each complexion. The special formula contains ingredients that have multiple properties: amber preserves the skin tone, pearls components are included with moisturizing elements, tourmaline provides energy, ruby, amethyst, the coral and nephrite have a smoothing and illuminating effect.

Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection: Luxurious Face Brush

Luxurious Face Brush (£16.00): From the latest Kiko Milano luxurious makeup collection, the Kabuki Face Brush is perfect for applying and blending powder foundations, powders, sun and loose powder. The synthetic, soft and compact bristles ensure a homogeneous smoothing and blemish effect. The application is easy and delicate. The products adhere perfectly to the skin, without leaving stains. The fibers allow generation blur formulas accurately, ensuring a professional result. The design of golden paintbrush handle makes it easy to use and gives a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic. Thanks to the combined case, Luxurious Face Brush becomes a practical accessory, to always carry along on your cosmetic bag for quick brush-up and get a beautiful look every day.

Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection: Magnificent Highlighter

Magnificent Highlighter (£10.00): Available in limited edition, Kiko Milano luxurious makeup collection also introduces the Highlighter pen to add shine to the face and outer eye area. Fluid water-based formula delivers a fine pearl veil and impalpable to the skin for a fresh, luminous effect. During application, the light, silky texture reveals very comfortable and adjustable: allows a blur slightly pearly or result in a stronger function of the amount applied. Magnificent Highlighter comes in an elegant dispenser with pen and gold “twist up”, freeing up the right amount of product. The soft hair applicator makes application even easier. And to get beautiful nail colors, check out also here the new enamels from Sephora!

Available in two shades:

  • 01 Royal Gold
  • 02 Noble Rosy Silver

 – Ophthalmologist tested.

Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection: Sumptuous Kajal eye pencil

Sumptuous Kajal (£8.00): Automatic eye pencil Kajal for enduring performance. The formula is incredibly soft and melting, ideal for the application of the inner lining of the eyelid and to give depth to the look with a bright and intense line immediately. The smooth and compact tip allows easy application and release of high-definition color. A must-have eye pencil from Kiko Milano luxurious makeup collection, with formulation based on natural waxes and fixing agents characterized by its resistance to water and to remain unchanged. Eye makeup appears flawless long. The sharpener is built for the mine at the bottom of the pen. Discover also the charming perfume selection from Chanel fragrances, Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection!

Available in two colors, black and butter:

  • 01 Refined Silk
  • 02 Elegant Black

Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection: Supreme Eyeshadow

Supreme Eyeshadow (£11.00): Lifelong eyeshadow with bright, soft and creamy texture for an unprecedented sensory. The eyeshadow becomes a light and silky powder for the application, which adheres perfectly to the eyelids and lead to a professional, modular result. Eye makeup is homogenous and lasts long. A bright color film provides the look intense magnetism and expressiveness. The supreme Eyeshadow can be applied as a classic eye shadow, distributing it across the eyelid, or as an eyeliner, drawing a precise along the outer lash line stroke. For excellent results, it is preferable to extend the color with the applicator included in the package, using the convenient cap can be closed and lengthen. The beautiful glass jar, which should always be closed after use, preserves the quality of the formula.

Available in four shades:

  • 01 Posh Crystal Rose
  • 02 Rich Amethyst Gray
  • 03 Exquisite Jasper Green
  • 04 Gorgeous Anthracite

– Ophthalmologist tested.

– Hypoallergenic = formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

– Non-comedogenic.

– No parabens.

Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection: Divine Reflections Volume Mascara

Divine Reflections Volume Mascara (£11.00): Black mascara volume effect that contributes to lashes sophisticated colorful reflections. An innovative formula for a look embellished with striking color effects. The classic black pigments are added to the colors that bring a new depth look and reinforce the power of the base color, revealing all its attraction. The final color has an effect with many nuances. The gel formula, very bright, highlights the natural color of the eyes. The curved brush defines and curls lashes without scaling them down. And here to get some perfect make-up tips: 13 “secrets” for an easy and effective make up!

Available in four shades, each particularly suited to highlight a specific color of eyes:

  • 01 Ebony Black, ebony black with brown or green eyes highlight reflections;
  • 02 Sapphire Black, black sapphires to highlight black eyes or blue reflections;
  • 03 Jade Black, black with green reflections to highlight black jade and brown eyes;
  • 04 Onyx Black, black with silver highlights to highlight eyes of any color.

Those are among the prestigious make up packages with the price list detail for each item proposed in Kiko Milano limited edition. Dedicated to women who want always complete their elegant look with adorable beauty products, the latest arrivals Kiko Milano Luxurious Makeup Collection is offered with alluring capsule to assemble for an extravagant mood on your daily look. Stay with us on Fashionbashon for the most intriguing catalogs and collections from the most beloved cosmetics and fashion brands with their captivating features!

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