Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Holiday Make Up Collection 2015-2016

Seduction. Romanticism. Freedom. Innocence. Devoted to the holiday season 2015-2016, KIKO MILANO launches Cosmic Starlets, the newest makeup collection inspired by four different personalities of women, free to express their femininity in a unique and unexpected way: The Temptress, The Romantic, The Free Spirit and The Innocent. Four different beauties, resplendent and immediately recognizable, proudly displaying their character and highlighting their particularities, in agreement with their emotions and desires.

Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Make Up Collection Holiday 2015-2016

The new Kiko Milano makeup collection for holiday is enriched by a wide range of professional products in the spirit of the collection “Cosmic Starlets”. A game of contrasts balanced to sculpt the volumes of the face. By the intensity of their colors, must-have, such as mascara, eyeliner and kajal, all reveal the drawing power of the eye. The lips are full and enhanced by the bright colors. The nails are obviously attracting attention, thanks to ultra-glossy shades of varnish.

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Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets 4 Women Personalities: Innocent, Free Spirit, Romantic & Temptress

The skincare of the latest Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Holiday Makeup Collection is gaining new allies, thanks to the effectiveness of moisturizers that adorn and perfume the body of unpublished fragrances. The five senses are pleasantly stimulated by four new Eau de Toilette that highlight femininity in all its forms.

Finally, here elegant holiday 2015-2016 makeup kits products and skincare collection in exclusive colors dedicated especially to be among the flawless gift guides to try, presented in precious boxes inspired by constellations.

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Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Limited Edition Holiday Gifts Collection

Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Holiday Gifts

Precious. Exclusive. Limited edition. The new collection Cosmic Starlets includes elegant boxes to offer or afford:

  • Night Sky Eyeshadow Palette, eight shades of eyeshadow set for an intense color and modular, thanks to its double wet or dry use;
  • Temptress Lip Set, a lipstick and a pencil to enhance your lips in a few gestures;
  • Perfect Star Duo Gel Top Coat & Nail Lacquer, two nail gel nail effect;
  • Dream Wish Nail Lacquer Set, seven nail polish sets with intense colors and glitter top coat;
  • Twin Stars & Lipstick Nail Lacquer, makeup kit with lipstick matte finish and polish high-gloss gel nails effect;
  • Magnetic Eye Gaze pouch, black mascara effect volume and pencil duo inside and outside of the eyes;
  • Innocent Desire Lipgloss Set three lip gloss stick to dress the lips of an ultra-glossy veil of color;
  • Cosmic Starlets Swirly Brush Set 5 Pieces, five professional hair brushes in high quality carefully selected and refined pocket;
  • Cosmic Starlets 4 Pieces Brush Set four high-quality brushes and elegant pouch;
  • Water & Innocence, Flowers & Freedom, Romance & Desire Eau de Toilette and Fire & Temptation Eau Scented Set, four scented boxes to same notes waters unpublished toilets, each containing a fragrance roll-on, moisturizer body and a candle;
  • Skin Trainer Gift Set, regenerating facial serum Youth and eye contour serum for a more elastic and better hydrated skin;
  • Super Stars Set, 3 KIKO must-haves: a kajal pencil, a two-phase serum-eyeliner and mascara duo;
  • Stardust Body Powder, brush containing precious illuminating scented body powder.

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Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Collection Limited Edition Elegant Sets of Holiday Gift Ideas

Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Limited Edition Holiday Make Up

New beauty instruments featuring four distinguished personalities. For styles with easily to apply and free to show its own appeal thanks to a series of makeup essential products: illuminators, bronzing powders and kit contouring to illuminate and sculpt facial contours, panoramic effect mascara, ultra-pigmented pencils, bright eye shadows and eyeliners for an intense look, bright red lips to sublimate, lacquer finish “Plumping” and valuable lips pockets for a renewed makeup, always impeccable.

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Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Holiday Make Up Collection: Limited Edition Skincare and Fragrances

Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Skincare and Fragrances

Formulas vanguard, unpublished fragrances and textures to the surprising sensoriality. Pleasantly pampered, skin is soft, hydrated and radiant.

Angel Kiss Set; light exfoliating balm set for lips soft and dressed in a light colored veil. Water & Innocence Eau de Toilette, a hymn to the purity declined in a refined and feminine fragrance. Flowers & Freedom Eau de Toilette, an ethereal and intoxicating olfactory journey for a woman to express loving grace and freedom. Romance & Desire Eau de Toilette, an adventure full of charm and sensuality, for a romantic and sentimental soul. Fire & Temptation Eau de Toilette, the sense of passion and desire.

Discover the four personalities of the new lines of Kiko Milano Cosmic Starlets Limited Edition Holiday Make Up collection and check out here the makeup artist’s advice at:

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