Kiko Makeup Catalog Digital Emotion: the limited edition cosmetics for Christmas

Another limited edition makeup for Christmas that will be the trends in 2013: the Kiko make up Catalog Digital Emotion: the tricks collection that combines virtual reality and the real one for a universe without limits. Discover with us all the new beauty products provided by Kiko.

Kiko Makeup Catalog Digital Emotion - New X-mas make-up collection

Virtual reality merges with the real one adding all the benefits that can result from a universe without limits. The new beauty products are intended to let the personality free to express and elevate the beauty according to the emotions and desires. The makeup is embellished with a variety of professional style “Digital Emotion“. The colors are intense and brilliant. The results are amplified and sublimated by ultra-bright highlighted by glitter finish, micro-beads and vibrant shades that give unexpected play of light. The skin care has new allies performance, thanks to the effectiveness of advanced technology formulas of facial cosmetics and body treatments that surround and engage with delicate and seductive fragrance. The same fragrances defined into three sections: Eau de Toilette, unpublished extracts of pure femininity finally, to give or collect, elegant set of enamels and eye shadows, lipsticks and eye pencils in the colors of the exclusive limited edition collection, kept in precious packaging. This makeup collection is also a perfect Christmas 2013 gift idea from the soul and from the look “Digital Emotion“.

Kiko Makeup Catalog Digital Emotion - Light eye shadow palette

The collection of Kiko Digital Emotion 2013 2014 is composed of many professional products from the intense nuances, very bold and bright. Many colors and many variations among which the ultra-bright finish with glitter, micro beads and playing with light and dark shades and shadows. Alongside available in different eye shadows palette compact or larger are kohl eyeliner, pencils, mascara and so on that are perfect and fundamental to the realization of a contemporary makeup. Discover the new Segue handbags collection autumn winter 2013 2014 for elegant women who want to look glamour of a vintage atmosphere in twentieth century we have proposed in the last few.

To beautify every woman’s skin there is a range of products with technologically advanced formulas such as serums, facials, body treatments and perfumes and fragrances that will complement the line Digital Emotion signed by Kiko makeup Catalog 2013 2014. See also our article dedicated to the new collection of Pull & Bear women’s wear fall winter 2013-2014, trendier and warmer look on the cold season that we have proposed in the previous topic.

To make it even more complete new collection Digital Emotion limited edition proposed by Kiko find Special Holiday Gift: cosmetic bag, clutch bags, boxes enamels, eyeliner and many other products for a perfect makeup and style from the affordable brand Kiko. Discover all Kiko Digital Emotion 2013 2014 within the image gallery at the end of this article, the new beauty makeup products collection of the season.

Stay up-to-date with us for the latest fashion news and beauty trends with the presentation of the new collections, here are the limited editions of cosmetics and all the hottest new products in our Beauty and Cosmetics section.

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