Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise leaving is “lighter”

After her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes seems to be “reborn” of all here is the story of the little girl who dreamed of marrying a Top Gun …

Founded in December 1978, Katie Holmes has no relatives in the entertainment world and it is the most petite of the house, in a family with 5 children. The theater classes who attended during high school, she was allowed to be “discovered” by a talent that made ​​her engage for her role as Joey Potter in the popular TV series Dawson’s Creek.

A cinematic, however, so far have only got roles “secondary” such as in The Gift, with Keanu Reeves and Cate Blanchett or, most recently, Batman Begins. Theater is her true “nature”: in fact, Katie, is chosen to be the protagonist of several piece in the Broadway as All My Sons by Arthur Miller, or as the recent Dead Accounts.

The film is remembered for her quirky character in “splinters of April” and then arrives “A perfect gentleman.” In 2011 she was chosen to carry on the small screen the elegance and refinement of Jacqueline Kennedy in the TV miniseries dedicated precisely to one of the most important and influential families in the U.S ..

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Girl Katie always dreams, who in her bedroom hung a poster of Tom Cruise, and it came true just as the super star of Top Gun, asks her to marry him: the proposal is made ​​in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, but the marriage between Katie and Tom, she was officiated in Rome, more precisely near the Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano: the ceremony was attended by several VIPs and top celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, David Robert Joseph Beckham, Will Smith and his wife. On 18 April 2006, the birth of their first daughter, Suri Cruise: the gossips, however, suggesting that the small is the daughter of Chris Klein, Katie’s boyfriend left on the spot to marry Tom Cruise. The happy family lives according to the teachings of Scientology, of which Tom is a fervent spokesperson: he and Katie are seen less often together, and the girl Suri Cruise is always photographed alone with his mother.

Rumors and gossips of a separation between the two, they begin to circulate towards the end of 2011, but it became official in June of 2012, the  most popular and famous tabloid of America, reported the news that Katie has (finally) filed for divorce. The same actress, a month after separating from Tom, he left the Church of Scientology to return officially to the Catholic Religion: several friends of the couple reveal that one of the reasons Katie Holmes chose to leave Tom Cruise, it was the morbid attachment to the Scientology church.