Kate Middleton went shopping with the Tod’s D Bag, trench coat and ballet flats

Kate Middleton was wearing trench coat, ballet flats and Tod's D Bag on shopping

Even Kate Middleton really loves shopping, and as she decided to appear on chic and casual look, she also chose the legendary bag Tod’s D-Bag combined with a trench coat and discrete the classical dancers ballet flats shoes. The Duchess of Cambridge will also be near to give a birth but certainly has not lost her simple but elegant style!

Let me tell you, the nice look that Kate Middleton chose for a walk on Hungerford (here she comes from an antique shop) We’re really not surprised. We followed the style of the Duchess from the start, failing to note that the shortfalls in style are not really part of her DNA.

On the other hand Kate Middleton has “bewitched” a prince, and to succeed in such an undertaking, the taste is definitely required. I still remembered then, less than a year ago, even the news dedicated a corner to a tasty gossip: the Duchess had refused, sending them back, the clothes in the collection of the Kardashian sisters. Let’s see it, it had a point, could not be reflected in the type of clothing!

In the photo up here instead reflected her taste for quality, for the design, the simplicity and the Made in Italy. Excellent choice Kate, the D-Bag we love it!

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