Jennifer Lawrence sees the “positive side” for her steps to Oscar

She is the true revelation of Hollywood: Jennifer Lawrence may be the new “diva” on the red carpet

And the actress revelation of the year: beautiful, sunny, blue eyes and supermodel physique, Jennifer Lawrence is ready to conquer the hearts of all, even the most hardened critics.

Jennifer Lawrence sees the -positive side- for her steps to Oscar

Born and raised in Kentucky, she loved to play fine small: the theater, her first true passion, helps a person to become more “open” and friendly to the point of forcing parents to a forced transfer in the Big Apple, to help become what it is today: a very good actress.

To become an actress, however, of course not only talent and a good dose of luck, but also a talent, an agent that I “discovered” after proposes maybe some TV series.

The top model and celebrity star Jennifer Lawrence begins without even a microelectronic acting: Cold Case is her first set, and her talent is there for all to see. Due to its versatility and skill, come share also to star in Monk and Medium But Jennifer Lawrence aiming higher, much higher… to the hill with the Hollywood sign.

Jenn’s prayers are heard and made it come true, with relative success, comes thanks to her performance in The Burning Plain – The boundary of solitude, where he starred opposite Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron.

The performances in this film leads straight-straight in her hands the Mastroianni Award during the 65th Venice International Film Festival of Venice. In 2010 comes the film drama Winter’s Bone, the top celebrity Jennifer Lawrence arrive either nominated for Golden Globes that the most important one to the Academy Awards. From drama to fantasy, is a short step: Jennifer Lawrence was chosen to play the role of Mystique in X-Men – The Beginning : on the set of this film know Nicholas Hoult, which will bind to a romantic level until the beginning of this 2013.

A look in 2011, is also an actress and director Jodie Foster is the “perfect” for the role of Norah Mr. Beaver next to a depressed male celebrity like Mel Gibson.

2012 is the year of the consecration, thanks to the character of Katniss Everdeen in the movie The Hunger Games, a film that has already planned a sequel always with the popular model Jennifer protagonist. For her performance in the positive side – Silver Linings Playbook, starring with Bradley Cooper (which is rumored to have a story) and Robert De Niro, he received her second Oscar nomination as Best Actress.