Jennifer Lawrence: Pure femininity with the Dior

Jennifer Lawrence is on the crest of the wave. This celebrity popularity has elevated not only to earn prestigious film awards, but to be an icon of female beauty and star as selected campaigns like Dior.

Jennifer Lawrence-Blue Dior handbags

Lawrence joins Natalie Portman as Miss Dior handbags announcing here, and these are the sophisticated photographs that will begin to publish magazines from April. On this brand new advertising campaign she has focused on youth, beauty and femininity. Of course people have seen Jennifer Lawrence among the best dressed of the Oscars 2013

Also, in the photos it is clear that they are trying to exploit the two faces of Jennifer, versatile woman in itself: its most innocent and childlike as opposed to her more classic and elegant with a vintage style that reminds us to 60’s fashion.

Jennifer Lawrence-Dior Classic style

We can see the best actress wearing dresses, suits and Dior jewelry, specifically belonging to the Spring 2013 collection of designer Raf Simons. Furthermore, the refined costumes is added a dramatic element as visual, a veil of ‘widow’ covering Jennifer’s face in some photos. You can also check Jennifer Lawrence and Zooey Deschanel: almost the same dress at the Golden Globes

The session consists of snapshots in color and also in black and white. Color photos also have white and black as the main protagonists, since the artist ever saw in one of the two tones. The color note put the gray and refined Dior handbags, symmetrical and patterned silver short chain and closing of the same material are a pure visual delight.

She has a promotion on Dior colors like pale pink, soft yellow or electric blue amazing and striking that Jennifer looks like a charm. In the black and white photos. However, she is stripped of clothes, accessories such as jewelries looks just like a black satin fine cashmere wool or an elaborate beaded necklace maxi for Dior accessories.

The truth is that Natalie Portman left the high bar, but I think Jennifer has largely achieved. these exclusive ads class and lots of exquisite femininity, the essence of Miss Dior all the way, how do you think?

Check out what Jennifer Lawrence wear and see the elegance of 60’s fashion style by this popular celebrity!

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