Ioana Spangenberg, Romanian model with super thin waist

Ioana Spangenberg, Romanian Model With Super slim waist circumference. When you first see the waist of a model that is very lean, you may think it is an edited photos of this model. But not so with a thin waist that Ioana Spangenberg has.

The slimmest Romanian model  Ioana Spangenberg

This Romanian model has a waist of 20 inches (about 50.8 cm), very small waist compared to the average model size 24-28 inches (about 61 cm – 71.1 cm).

Ethel Granger, a waist 13 inches (about 33 cm) is the model who has the smallest waist in history. He got it with the help of a corset size. However, Ioana said a 20-inch waist is formed naturally, and she also had tried to eat a lot but do not gain weight.

Super slim waist circumference model
This 30-year-old woman told The Sun: “Every day I ate three times the weight food and the chocolate and crisps plus snacks all the time. But nobody seems to believe. “

Ioana, which weighs only about 38 kg with a height of about 167 cm, said he has average size until adolescence: “When I was 13 my waist about 15-inches (about 38.1 cm). One can lay hands on him, when their fingers gripping, they still have the extra space. “

Now waist only five inches bigger than a CD.

Her daily diet consisted of toast with jam or eggs for breakfast, a snack of chocolate and crisps at about 12 noon. For lunch usually sausage, chicken and potatoes, and that night he ate the bread, meat and cheese sandwich.

He said: “I have a little belly. It was like having a natural gastric tissue. If I eat too much, I feel sick.”

Ioana added: “In Romania it would be better if the excess weight because it means you come from a wealthy family … so while my friends went out and dating, I was sitting at home with a Mars chocolate bar and hoping to fatten the body. ‘

However, after meeting her husband, Jan, in 2006 he changed the perception of the body.

January prompted her to display her figure gaunt and upload some pictures online, after that she started to get a job as a model.

My husband, Jan, said that he had never met a woman who eats as much as me. At this point I was happy with my performance, and I have to thank Jan for it.

“I still want to gain weight so that my appearance is not too surprising. I often see people take pictures of me on the road. But finally I feel comfortable with myself.”

“After years of hating your body, pay attention to your own body feels so incredible. Now I love it.”