How to prevent the damage for the collar of your shirt?

In Paris, Singapore, London and New York, the square meter is expensive, and few are the lucky ones may have a wardrobe worthy of the name.

How to prevent the damage for the collar of your shirt

So for those who are forced to crush their hangers to store freshly ironed a shirt for all those bunched their clothes to stack over a shirt for all those out there who, one morning, have certainly noticed degradation the shape of the collar, here are some tips to avoid damaging the neck of your shirt!

First tip: Less is better than too much.
Okay, you do not read this article to this kind of recipe grandmother, but you may have too many clothes unusual! To sort the method is simple, all clothing “winter” that you have not been used since October probably do not… It would be a nice spring cleaning that getting rid of it!

The same end of September, all lighter clothes that you will not worn since April are good to be excluded from your wardrobe! Also giving your clothes to people who need it more than you, you will make someone happy!

Second tip: The small piece of rubber, tedious but effective!
My apologies for this reference naughty, but so fun to sketch strangers. Of course, speaking of small piece of rubber, I mean the piece of plastic with a central slot that fits into the last button shirt and slips under the two flaps of the neck, which can no longer crashing, retains its shape. The system is simple, keep these pieces of plastic or cardboard to construct your. After each ironing or folding position this support at the neck.

Third tip: the dishes in the large.
if you fold your shirts, buy boxes (with a transparent front) and store it by 3. In this way, the precious fabrics will not be crushed by the weight of the above folders, and access will be much easier.

Here are some useful tips for man-chic! To take care of our shirts, let them instead rank the media with the collar to avoid them collapse under the weight of the world.

Ah! last thing, try to use wardrobe hangers preference profiles, at least half a centimeter thick, and wood. It should then hang all the hangers in the same direction.

Here are some tips that my be useful tips for you to keep the collar of your shirt elegant.