How to makeup your lips and make them look bolder and sexier

Here what we can bring to you today is a tutorial on How to makeup your lips and make them look bolder and sexier with the most sensual look. For many women, thin lips are a problem but the techniques of make-up come to rescue you from the difficulties. Thin lips can be simply rigged quickly and easily according to these few steps.

How to makeup your lips and make them look bolder: thin lips

What is needed to get a plumping effect to your lips and turn them into a weapon of seduction, you need to follow these 6 guidelines and provide: a natural shade pencil for your lips, a light-colored and a gloss finish lipstick. That’s it!

  1. First, choose a lip pencil to your natural color with which to draw the contour of the lips without much precision, we will need to enlarge the size.
  2. Say goodbye to dark colors that give a limited effect and opt for the more delicate nuances. Check out the new limited edition collection of Kiko Digital Emotion 2013 2014 we proposed in recent times.
  3. Yes the bright colors for spring and summer like red and fuchsia, but never dull, and then always in combination with lip gloss.
  4. Draw with a pencil choosing the contour of the lips slightly outside the natural boundaries so as to create a new dimension of the mouth.
  5. Do you prefer glossy lipsticks and lip gloss for filling the space outlined with the pencil. The glossy effect gives a three-dimensional result.
  6. Nothing on glitter lipsticks because highlight the points that should be hidden and therefore are to be avoided, preferring always sparkling effects less obvious ones such as data such as gloss.

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