Hair styles tips – How to make a smoothie color on your hair

A new color that round in my mind for hair styles trends 2013, a warm scent that teases the imagination, the pampering of a massage that tickles the skin … How to make your hair more smoother and healthier naturally it is the point. This is not a dream in the garden of Eden but of sensations connected to a simple and valuable gesture of care for your hair. Those who follow the fashion trends certainly can not miss the latest tips and news on the subject of hair: it’s called hair feeding and it is natural recipes designed for the most demanding hair. The coloring henna-based natural products is a must for trendy hair style, but the shake of henna is much more. This magic becomes reality at the Maison Mami of Milan, where the hair stylist Luigi Ciccarelli, has prepared a real kitchen prepare mixtures where innovative and customized for each customer.

How to make a smoothie color on your hair

The starting point is the precious henna powder which, with its warm and exotic aroma combined with other natural ingredients such as walnut, chamomile, chestnut or coffee, it becomes a powerhouse of well-being. The colors offered by Ciccarelli hair salon, are the most natural you can offer their own hair and offer shade from the intense tones and deliciously good. The chefs hairdressers show the ladies present in the steps leading boutique plant extracts to transform into those magical concoctions shiny.

Hair styles trends-smoothie hair color

The henna come from all over the world and are mixed with yogurt, olive oil, natural enzymes and hot water, until to become cream, milkshakes indeed. “In the living room are born endless mousse colors and flavors that take shape before your curious eyes of our customers,” explained by Luigi Ciccarelli. “The range of colors is very wide range, from ash blonde, honey, brown wood from chocolate to red Irish. You can get almost all shades playing on the right ingredients, the only exception: black. The final touch is given by the natural pigments of Wella Fresh Color, and you’re done. “The benefits of this natural hair product is not too obtainable with some products that are already packaged with chemical for example, if the henna powder is mixed with yogurt, it is great for the the weakened hair care, while olive oil is perfect for giving shine, and so on.

Henna is a totally non-allergenic and therefore also recommended to customers with the most delicate skin. It is a viable alternative to chemical dyes, it is good to keep groomed hair from root to tip and also to make a smoothie colors of hair style. The end of the result will be a higher gloss and toughness of the stem as well as a decrease excess sebum. The interval between an application and the other, then, stretches considerably and it offers various the color trends for various hairstyles for all women such as short hair or long hair. Take a few gestures performed with care, about twenty minutes of exposure and, for over a month, the hair will be shiny, colorful and of good will for all types of hair cut. A treatment that smells of old, such as the precious grandma’s remedies, but that winks at the forefront in the industry.

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