How to look more beautiful in natural makeup

The natural-looking makeup is high on the red carpet and on the runways, and never goes out of fashion. Learn step by step these tips below to get an awesome natural look without overdoing make-up.

Natural beauty look with natural makeup

Every woman goes through situations to get a beautiful look, but without too much excessive in make-up. It may be a job interview, or a solemnity to the first lunch at the home of the mother. In these moments it is crucial to leave a good first impression. Therefore it is important to know how to make a makeup simple but refined, which enhances the natural beauty.

Here are some tips for you on how to do natural makeup:

For starters, the skin should be clean and well moisturized. After that, apply a basic cosmetic, with a flat brush to overcome the oiliness of the skin and even out the texture of the skin. Then also with cat’s tongue the brush type you can spread a base of good coverage.

After the product is applied on the entire face including eyelids and neck, it is a good idea to spend a duo fiber brush dry. This brush will help you to spread the foundation of your skin evenly and make a polished effect to the skin.

The concealer should be used sparingly and only when necessary, in dark circles and blemishes. Freckles and flecks leave the show look more natural. To set the makeup, apply a translucent powder on the face, especially the T-zone – forehead, nose and chin – which is naturally oilier.

If you have done the previous steps, the eyes should not be colorful or dramatic. To ease the eyelid movement, you can apply a leftover ivory matte and concave brand with a neutral brown. Finish with mascara to highlight the eyes.

The blush should be sober and natural color to give a slight air of health to the skin. A bronzer is a good option as it helps to define the outline of the face. The matte finish or matte is ideal for this look, because “it is natural and unobtrusive”.

The shiny cosmetic is an illuminating iridescent without glitter particles which should be applied on the cheekbones, the temples and the inner corner of the eyes and on the bridge of the nose. With this, the face is a healthy lushness.

The difference between a sloppy and a fine makeup is in the details, even a simple look. The next step is finalizing the demarcation of the eyebrows. To do this, simply use a brush and plenty beveled matte color next to the hair. Tailpiece with a nude lipstick applied with a brush, not to excessive amount of product.

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