How to dress the 80s fashion style: instruction for men women and girls

The 80s fashion style was inspired by music stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. Rock bands also had inspiring influence on fashion for men and women even the adolescents.

How to dress the 80s fashion style - Eighties groove outfit clothing

The 80s was a decade of great fashion, bold and bright. These trends defined a decade that is usually be identified the clothing styles of several years ago. The 80s brought the fashion and hair to an end. As full of daring decade, it was not uncommon to see someone walking down the street with virtually every color of the rainbow in your body. The military boots were mixed with miniskirts, spandex with sweaters and pants with high socks paratroopers.


The 80 are sometimes referred to as the decade “Yo, yo, yo!” Women began to feel more and more liberated every day. Many women were just beginning to experience the joy of believing they could be and do anything they wanted. The trends were large, exaggerated and bright, even neon colors are a must. The 80s were a time of baby cabbage, rainbow bright, smurfs and ninja turtles.


The style of the 80 took some lines of Nancy Reagan, Princess Diana and Madonna. The idea behind emerging trends was to bring fashion to the extreme. The ideal that could express in exaggerated forms hairstyles resulted in large and giant neon colors sweaters. Simultaneously, more and more men and women were climbing in their workplaces and work suits with big shoulders were a huge trend.


When we look at the 80s fashion trends, there are three different looks that stand out. A workout gear is eighties fashion styles. Full body suits, sweat bands, elastic fabric and leg warmers were lucid. The everyday clothing color was bright, large sizes and much hairspray, makeup and glitter. At the other end of the spectrum, the business suit emerged in the workplace with straight skirts, and a full jacket with shoulder pads.

How to dress the 80s fashion style - Rockstar mens leather pants sleeveless jacket


The 80’s fashion style is easy to identify from head to toe. The hair was big. With permanent, beaten, and fixed with spray foam, the hair in this decade suffered much abuse. The pointed bangs and side ponytails were popular and the blonde was the color to wear. The makeup had many bright colors. Soft pink, blue shadow and a touch of glitter was a fashionable appearance. The tank showed shoulders outfits, shirts with side snaps, miniskirts, jeans acid washed, and much, much neon. The colors were painfully bright and neon could be mixed and matched as you pleased. You could wear high heels, jellies or keds and socks wrinkled.


Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself, and although the blinding neon 80 is still far back, some trends already seem to be back. 80s shims into fashion again recently and did not seem to go anywhere in the near future. With the shims are some of the big sweaters that marked the 80s, though the color palette seems a bit more subdued this time. Graduation gowns can be found in materials including ultra bright pink color reminiscent of past styles. We cannot say what comes next. Check out also our previous post on choosing the most fashionable 80’s style for autumn winter 2013 2014.

How to dress the 80s fashion style for women:

  • It uses a pink sweater with shoulder exposed.
  • Ponte paratrooper’s pants to your knees are bent. Secure them in your waist with a wide black belt.
  • If you use pink, combine the color of your socks with the shirt color.
  • Put on a pair of boots military and upload your knee socks.
  • Put a colorful ribbon on your head. Use a pair of ring-shaped earrings and a bracelet to match.
  • Use colorful appliances on your teeth.

How to dress the 80’s fashion style for women:

  • Use a sleeveless pastel and tight black leather jacket with chains.
  • Find a worn pair of skinny jeans or black leather pants.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and a glove rhinestone.
  • Use a pair of Converse sneakers and tube socks with stripes on top.

How to dress the 80s fashion style for girls:

The 80s styles and fashion were characterized by aggressive prints, bright colors and huge clothing. Use many layers was a popular trend on clothes as jewelry. The girls were crazy for having huge hair and wearing layers of hairspray. Madonna was an icon of fashion and most of the girls who knew they wanted to look and dress style like her. You can rekindle the look of the 80’s from head to toe in our photo gallery below with a few simple items of clothing and accessories at Funwirks.


  • Place a pair of pads on any jackets or extra large shirt. The more ardent the color or pattern better. To get more genuine 80’s look, rolled the sleeves of your jacket a couple of times.
  • Use your extra large shirt or blazer with shoulder pads on a pair of stirrup pants and elastic tissue. When you go shopping looking stirrup pants, find colors like turquoise or coral. The bold prints also work well; think animal prints like zebra or even cheetah. If you cannot find stirrup pants, try a short skirt of jean or leather on colored or patterned tights alive. Do not forget your gaiters.
  • Slide your feet into a pair of platform shoes, sandals or a pair of sneakers boot type, and you’re ready. The heels were other popular footwear. The deeper the color of the heel will look more authentic.
  • Adorn your hair long or short fashionable way to 80 with accessories like headbands, hair bands, banana clips and brooches with ribbons.

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