How to choose the right and fashionable dresses, here are the cool rules for girls and boys

Men and women trends - Fashionable dresses for girls and boys

The stars and celebrities are getting more and more popular as the teenager’s icon and fashion trends enter the market with enthusiasm. Many brands have lines dedicated to younger people who have very different needs from adults and by children, creating perfect styles and outfits for occasions of life of the teen. The question that every teenager gets in front of the mirror is: How to dress well and fashionable for going out? Let’s find out together.

Here are 5 rules to dress fashionably and tastefully valid for her and for him

The teenagers’ physical are in the process of change, they undergo important developments and the most important thing is when looking for the right outfit to evaluate and understand how to express their appearance to the fullest. Something they should do is the right way to show the beautiful aspects of their body and hide or minimize things that should not be shown. This is the first rule of fashion, not only for young people but also for all men and women who want to appear on the fashion trends.

Another aspect not to be underestimated when we want to create for ourselves a fashionable look is the combination of colors and patterns wisely. Never wear too many colors together, up to 3 different colors and imaginative prints clothes if we wear the color block maybe that incorporates a color anywhere.

The accessories should not be underestimated, even the simplest dresses to give a touch of glam and beauty. Accessories like jewelry, belts, handbags and shoes can be the right choice to make an elegant look, teenagers are also can’t be separated from t-shirt and a casual jeans especially for a trendy look.

Remember the occasions when you should wear a particular dress. All occasions, any time of the day has its own dress code to follow. It seems obvious, but looking at the world out people don’t care about it.

Generally teenagers are seeking their own identity style, they will find on their icon style from celebrities and stars they love. Dare not overdo it is the fifth general rule.

After learning these basic rules to dress the right clothing trends, we get into detail with dresses for girls and for boys then for different occasions we have on the other articles in this site.

How to choose the right dress for girls

The day begins for many activities like school or work; in this case it is very important to choose the best dresses that are not too eccentric. Especially dressing for the school is crucial that fashion shows your good taste and a simple and elegant style to give a good impression to the people that we must continually respect. No cleavage too deep or too short skirt, or styles from street style that is best kept for leisure. Colored bon ton mini dress or pants paired with soft blouses are the examples of clothes that are fashionable for student.

Leisure can be more daring by choosing trendy leggings with over sized tank tops and sneakers can be worn on a leisure time when you want to go out for shopping or hang out with your friends, also romantic dresses made ​​from glam ankle boots or even shorts and miniskirts in another good option for teenager’s dresses. To go out at night we can wear night dresses with top most sparkling and slightly sexy clutch bag with rhinestones or sequins and high heels, for example. The given young line is found from top brands for spring summer 2013; it can not to be missed.

How to choose the right dress for boys

The boys have many more options than girls, but it does not mean that they can choose every dress for their styles but it should be suitable with the occasions. For school or work the look to be followed must be sober and simple, trousers and jeans matched with crew neck sweaters are enough to give a perfect look, Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the best choices in mens fashion trends 2013. For informal occasions we can rely on denim in all its variations and t-shirts with various prints and color trends 2013, while for the evening, T-shirts are generally preferred to accentuate the figure. The accessories do all the rest, in recent year men’s fashion has always been more developed in this area: the strongest trend is that of men’s bags that are bringing a huge success. Or have you seen the men’s bags from Louis Vuitton? Here are the pictures that can be inspiration for you!

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