How to Apply False Eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps

It is not easy, but not impossible. Here are guidelines on how to apply false eyelashes in 5 easy steps for an intense look and seductive that will leave you breathless.

how to apply false eyelashes in 5 easy steps

Are few precise rules to apply false eyelashes properly and we are ready to follow you step by step in this delicate operation. After the initial distrust usual for those not unaccustomed to tweezers, scissors, glue and you will realize immediately that with a little practical exercise is not an impossible mission. The key thing is to arm yourself with calm and cool, unique allies in precision operations such as this.

First you must have all the necessary tools: pair of scissors in order to moderate the length of the lashes if they were excessively long for your eye lashes to crease a curl lashes original, a pair of tweezers for the application and the specific glue to attach them to the eyelid. Obviously you will need also the false eyelashes that are available online or in stores in perfumery both whole and in tufts. If the former are sold in pairs and are available in many variants, eccentric, declined the latter are reduced in size and varied in packs of 50/60 tufts. The latter are also the favorite for the achievements of the bridal makeup which must be intense and seductive without seeming too built.

Once you follow all the steps you can do the next steps below:

Curls lashes with eyelash fold in order to give them a definite shape and well arched. This operation is particularly suitable for women who have eyelashes smooth and straight, but also for those who have well-curved course.

Extract the artificial eyelashes from their case and take them with sterile tweezers and move them together at the eye of the natural lashes to see if you need a trim.

Apply mascara on your lashes, spreading it in an appropriate manner as we have explained in our tutorial on how to apply how to apply semi-permanent polish to nails.

Now comes the time to apply the glue spreading it on the profile of the strip or by spraying with a little glue spread on the hand, after which you wait a few seconds to make it curdle.

You must draw the false eyelashes to the edge of the eye and to adhere with precision both from the inside than the reverse.

It is done! 5 steps false eyelashes application to do with method and your eyes will become seductive and sexy as never before. The false eyelashes are a nice idea to enhance the look on special occasions like marriage, an important event and very glamorous or a show of which we are the protagonists.

In trade there are different types of false eyelashes: colorful, eccentric, exaggerated, but also elegant and sober, without forgetting the jewel made ​​with rhinestones or gold detailing for a sparkling effect insured. We have collected for you in the gallery at the end a number of alternatives for glamorous evening’s trendiest false eyelashes and other more traditional and less flashy occasions less vivid among the various proposals of the various brands of make up. Do not miss our special article dedicated to the new fragrance by Giorgio Armani Yes: features, prices and video with Cate Blanchett.

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