Hogan capsule collection for autumn winter 2014 2015: neo romanticism inspired style

Let’s take a step back for a while and look back to the fashion week in Milan, the days when the fashion brand Hogan has presented its collection autumn winter 2014 2015 that we propose in the following images.

Hogan capsule collection for autumn winter 2014 2015: FW 2014-15 womenswear

Hogan presented his first capsule collection that includes the total look during the fashion week in Milan. Not only beautiful and comfortable shoes and bags in which the brand has accustomed us, but also several items of clothing that will accompany our wardrobe in the cold season winter 2014 2015.

The fashion house has not ruled on the catwalk in the near future with a complete collection, as indeed did recently also the Tod’s Diego Della Valle. Hogan states, through the figure of Andrea Della Valle, who presented the collection is a set of garments with a view to increasing international brand. Also take a look at the pictures of catwalk Miu Miu Fall Winter 2014 2015 which was staged a few days ago at Fashion Week in Paris.

The new capsule collection of ready-to-wear fall winter 2014 2015 Hogan bears the signature of the designer Simon Holloway and is located to combine the sporty mood and rebel of the fashion house with an accent romantic and ironic. Among the leaders of the mini Hogan collection autumn winter 2014 2015, for example, are both delicious dresses with ruffles mitigating screws and bolts masculine created by the artist Julie Verhoeven, who logged plush mini dress paired with petticoats georgette prints featuring pop. The collection of clothing Hogan for the next cold season focuses heavily on outerwear ranging from nail fur cashmere to leather jackets long coats in vintage materials such as flannel or corduroy.

In addition to the women’s clothing are of course different models of shoes including boots stand out in fantasy, biker models, shiny skin of other models, combined with the suede buckle and the inevitable wedges and sneakers. The collection of Hogan handbags for next autumn-winter 2014 2015 focuses on classic doctor bag made ​​of calf leather features bold prints. Discover the new collection of Hermes bags catalog fall winter 2014 2015 we presented a few days ago during the fashion week in Paris.

In the gallery at the end of this article you can find the first advances of the capsule collection Hogan for autumn winter 2014 2015 who chooses rather neutral tone for the cold season: white, black, gray, ivory, among which some hint of red or the yellow geometric patterns. The trend shows us a desire to superposition of garments dyed in different materials by contrasting textures such as wool and fur, for example.

The brand Hogan capsule collection for autumn winter 2014 2015 seems to have very clear ideas on the objectives it has set itself for the present and for the next year, towards the achievement of an ever-increasing number of international markets in which to put down roots in the last years have shown an increased interest in the quality and Italian design.

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