H&M Ladies Fall Outerwear Collection: Coats and Jackets Ideas for Autumn/Winter 2014-2015

Always comes with fresh and trendy ideas, H&M ladies fall outerwear Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection represents an elegance of women’s looks through the latest coats and jackets collection exclusively dedicated to keep warm and fashionable way during the rainy days of the season. Let’s find out here on Fashionbashon all the fascinating and low cost pieces from the newest arrivals of the fashion brand.

H&M Ladies Fall Outerwear Collection Autumn WInter 2014 2015

From the latest H&M LADIES FALL OUTERWEAR collection we can catch a glimpse of women’s must-have outfits of the season. With modern twist and ultra-feminine chic allures to emphasize a sophisticated woman’s daily look, from oversized coats, parka, padded to faux fur and down jackets in soft trendy color palettes available to fit any pieces from your wardrobe. Discover with us all the items, prices and awe-inspiring key looks of the new H&M ladies outerwear autumn-winter 2014-2015 catalogue!

H&M Ladies Fall Outerwear Collection 2014 2015: wide-cut wool-blend jacket

With a background of metropolitan scene, H&M ladies fall outerwear collection shows us several compelling ideas through the breathtaking street styles. First, we can see a comfy short wool-blend jacket (Price: $129.00) with double-breast, wide sleeves and wide-cut design made of soft alpaca wool in sky blue color to pair the glamorous black faux leather pants ($34.95), an elegant outfits pairing for modern women to stay warm and stylish through the cold weather. Discover also the latest Alexander Wang X H&M Campaign!

On the new arrivals H&M ladies fall outerwear collection for autumn winter 2014 2015, we can take a look also to the sleek tailored wool-blend coat in dark blue with pile collar (Price: $99.00), front 4-button closure, double-breast and the faux leather sleeves in black with zipped cuffs detail to give a glamour touch to the casual girlfriend jeans ($39.95) in light denim blue with washed and ripped effects. To strengthen your look you can also combine with other warm elements like sweatshirt, gloves or glam ankle booties.

H&M Ladies Fall Outerwear Collection 2014 2015: faux fur jacket

Among the eye-catching pieces of H&M ladies fall outerwear collection, we find also a soft faux fur jacket ($79.95) in black with feminine leather-look tie belt detail at waist, lined side pocket and front wrapped snap fasteners to cover a sweater, tank top or any other suitable women’s topwear and on the lower part we can see the cotton slim-fit treggings ($17.95) in black is also included to give us a sophisticated glam idea with an ultra-feminine vibe dedicated to this autumn-winter season’s style.

For an alluring chic statement during this rainy season, H&M also shows us a provocative key look through a leopard printed padded parka jacket ($49.95) with comfy fur hood, front zip, decorative buttons closure, elastic waist belt with shiny gold buckle and other details to highlight woman’s sumptuous silhouette, this outerwear is suitable to match the denim blue skinny regular jeans ($22.46) or any other fashionable outfits of the brand.

H&M Ladies Fall Outerwear Collection 2014 2015: burgundy parka jacket

Soften your look on this new season also with a washed twill parka jacket ($59.95) in soft burgundy with fur trim lined hood, zipped chest pocket, concealed drawstring waistband and front zip make this item one of the must-have H&M women’s fall outerwear to fit the patterned knit sweater, black slim-fit pants ($14.95), glam leather boots with the same color or any other protagonist accessories available to shop at the brand’s store.

Dedicated to all fashionistas who love to perform elegant, chic and contemporary look, H&M also brings fitted down jacket ($129.00) in black with lined detachable fur trimmed hood, stylish elasticized waistbelt, front concealed zip with wind flap and fastening buttons closure, zipped side pockets and more detailing to match the low-priced silky shirt, the dark blue slim-fit pants ($14.95) or trendy high-top sneakers to complete sophisticated style within this autumn winter season.

Sleek with modern twist on its shape, H&M women’s outerwear collection also shows a purple alpaca wool coat ($129.00) with flapped pockets and front concealed buttons, is one of the perfect pieces to wear with white shirt, denim jeans trousers or even a sleeveless dress to enhance a feminine silhouette along with other accessories like shopping bag, jewelries, high-heeled pumps and other captivating women’s outfits. To strengthen your look within this season, complete also your wardrobe with the new Dolce & Gabbana Mix Sicily handbags collection for your Fall/Winter 2014-2015 wardrobe!

H&M Ladies Fall Outerwear Collection 2014 2015: women's fitted coat

The bicolor wool-blend coat ($129.00) in dark grey with black quilted detail on the lower part creates an elegant and sophisticated outline, combined with casual jeans trousers or glam leather pants this coat is the right idea for those who want modern and warm elements on their winter wardrobe. The same fancy stylized pieces of H&M ladies fall outerwear for autumn winter 2014 2015 is also a light grey mélange fitted coat ($49.95) made of refined fabric with side pocket, stand-up collar and waist belt makes it one of the must-have items to fit faux leather pants or slim-fit jeans for a distinctive look in this cold season.

Those are the style ideas proposed on the latest H&M jackets and coats collection. Stay with us on Fashionbashon to get the newest pieces of the recommended collections of the most influential fashion brands, retailers and designers dedicated to this autumn winter 2014 2015 season. Discover more items and shop the low-cost looks at official H&M Ladies Fall Outerwear FW 2014-15!

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