Hairstyling trends spring summer 2014: haircuts to rejuvenate your look

To look younger, hairstyle can play a decisive role and combined with the right shades, it allows exploiting the features of the face disguising wrinkles, bags under the eyes, crow’s feet. In addition to taking into account the shape of the face and the eyes should also adapt the haircuts to hair type: straight, curly, wavy, frizzy, thin, thick and more.

Hairstyling trends spring summer 2014: medium choppy bob

To rejuvenate an ideal solution might be a nice SHORT HAIRCUT and following the hairstyling trends spring summer 2014 you can opt for a sophisticated bob cut round-tipped framing the face and long bangs full and rounded, but those who have a more aggressive personality can show off a PIXIE CUT climbed to wear disheveled forelock fringe side scaled and filleted. Read also Jean Louis David hair trends spring summer 2014!

Hairstyling trends spring summer 2014: short bob haircut

Who does not love short cuts can choose a medium length hairstyle or also experiencing the LONG BOB, that gives to all types of hair and different haircuts for long hair, smooth or curly that can open to several interpretations: the long bob can be declined in the version of the classic bob with elongated central line tips and filleted in combination with a long, thick fringe combed to take over the entire face, thus hiding any fine lines; alternatively the long or medium choppy bob with side parting can be proposed and dollop of hand, playing with a cut climbed that enhances the volume and especially the type of big hair and thick. Don’t miss also the hair color trends for spring summer 2014!

Hairstyling trends spring summer 2014: long curly hair

For women who have LONG CURLY HAIR you can opt for a shear thinning of different lengths: you can show off a bob or a long bob, but if you do not want to give up the length you can climb the side easing the volume and refining the facial features. Who has rather long hair and thin can choose a SCALED HAIRCUT by the geometric cut with asymmetrical fringe to create body and dynamism by focusing on the effect disheveled almost wet.

Hairstyling trends spring summer 2014: middle parting & the updo hairstyles

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