Hair problems – Remedies against the split ends

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Split ends are really annoying you? but how to solve this? Even the most successful folk can hide them. For some people, the split ends are a difficult task hinder us to have a shiny and beautiful hair, some professional hair treatment are trying to find the solution and make this hair problem to be more subtle and clear. They stand out and give the hair an air for the treatment.

Solution and treatment for split ends

We asked Silvia Pagani, an expert in the field of hair care and skin, what to do against the hated split ends.

To start Silvia Pagani explains why the split ends. It can be caused by the wrong treatment of the hair. If the hair is not being properly fed, is no longer able to grow well and at some point you can break.

Split ends can also be the result of overly aggressive treatments or the use of plate or fohn. The tips are how to treat the hair near the root and thus have been exposed longer to external influences, and the whole ‘hair friendly’ treatment. Or maybe the hair is simply very fragile and easily broken. ‘Some people have more susceptibility to double pointed needles’.

Cutting the hair is the only solution

Cut is the only solution

Once you have formed split ends, there is very little to do. ‘The only solution is to cut your hair,’ says Silvia Pagani. This is quite simple if you have a cut equal. In this case, just check hair regularly to keep them. More difficult however is when the hair is shifted and split ends start at half head to the bottom. ‘Not to make a drastic cut, you begin to remove the most obvious tips and disguise themselves with other treatments,’ says Silvia Pagani. ‘Then you can do the treatments to prevent the hair from breaking again. But once a hair is broken, you will never be in place. Everything that is done at the level of the hair itself is always purely aesthetic, if you want to eliminate the cause must always work at the level of the skin. Through specific treatments must nourish the hair at the base and maintain healthy skin.’

Temporary remedy for split ends

Temporary remedy

That the method of the candle (the flame should merge split ends) does not solve the problem effectively (and it is better not to do so). To disguise split ends there instead of silicone products that ‘sticks’ or the divided parts. ‘They give a beautiful effect, but if you wash your hair then the spikes come back,’ says Silvia. So this is a temporary remedy.

Proper care

And the proper care is therefore remains at the base of beautiful and healthy hair. And this is important – in the fight against split ends – use the right products and make targeted treatments. ‘Although it is not easy to fight split ends,’ says Silvia Pagani. ‘But with proper care, you can start from the scalp treatment and you can get improvements.’

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