JEWEL TONED HAIR: Hair color trends for spring summer 2014

The change of season will often arouses women’s desire for a change of color or a new hairstyle, and in this case you can search for the solution that best suits your tastes, starting from the main hair color trends for spring summer 2014. The real dictate is to choose colors bright banner of glossy effect by focusing on a bright color proposing a refined “JEWEL TONED HAIR“, with hair that sparkle like a jewel.

Hair color trends for spring summer 2014: trends for hair coloring 2014

Flaunt the BRIGHTEST SHADE is a radical choice so who decided to focus on an original look and eye-catching also Colouring have the girly pop personality to bring suits challenging color but in a short time have become very popular beauty trends, winning first celebs and then the most passionate of the new trendy and visually attractive that are left flatter charm of brilliant hues declined in girly colors and pop like: pink, purple, blue, orange. For your nails, here is the nail art trends for spring summer 2014!

For spring summer 2014, the jewel toned hair is a must have must for anyone who is looking for a new and styling effects to more chic, but … do not go unnoticed that glamorous a woman, in particular, suggest the saturated hues and bright capable to enhance the sensual side of the female, the effects are in fact more chic than those obtained with the shades of red, dark blue, purple, and other colors that are better suited to dark natural colors.

As for the choice of cuts for the hot season most fashionable haircuts are confirmed by the short hair and boyish mood glam rock style with massive ridges and smoothing the side, the long bob can be enlivened by strokes saturated with sparkling reflections, but also long hair moved and can be enhanced by jewel tone hair. See also the trendy hairstyles and haircuts of the season proposed by Framesi hair spring summer 2014! For your inspiration, take a look of these pictures of jewel toned hair color trends for spring summer 2014 below!

Are you ready to change your hair color for the new season? Discover all the latest trends in hair colour, hairstyles and cuts for the new look in every season!

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