Hair color trends 2014, Flamboyage hair coloring technique

After you have seen the triumph of the women’s hair in the past seasons, the colors are bright and soft fruit discoloration of techniques such as Balayage, Shatush, Ombre, and dip-dye hair, during this 2014 has captured the attention a new hair coloring technique: the flamboyage, improved by Angelo Seminara, that is based on enhancing the foliage darker through a glossy effect as natural as possible.

Flamboyage hair coloring technique in short haircut

There are many terms to define the hair trend that rages among celebrities. The effect is: dark at the roots and bleached at the tips. In the USA, this trend began a few years ago, the so-called “two toned color,” for hair trends in 2014 the most recognized is the Flamboyage hair coloring technique. Disconnect bolder or more gradual effect that you can do with any type of hair, long or short hair, but it is important not to remove more than three shades from the start.

In order to show off the radiant reflections you can rely on the method of flamboyage, which is an innovative trend.

To realize the hair color trends 2014, flamboyage hair coloring method has to be stained dark hair using an adhesive strip to be applied on a lock, this will separate and randomly select a small portion of hair that will be the basis for the preparation of the dye, so you can roll out various shades of color to be distributed over the entire length of the hair. See also haircut trends autumn winter 2015!

With this procedure of flamboyage hair method you will get small strands of hair colored light in a natural way without highlighting the entire crown of unobtrusively for a result that allows to render brighter than its styling in a simple and more coloring technique that gives brightness to hair as natural as possible.

Flamboyage hair coloring technique for long hair effect

The flamboyage gives in particular on the scaled and long hair, either smooth or wavy, but also enhances the  pixie cut, and can be used not only on the whole canopy but also on simple sections of the hair, such as on the fringe or tuft.

To follow hair color trends 2014, by using flamboyage hair coloring technique, dark hair can also appear brighter and softer, so you can color the strands throughout their length by choosing tones melting or opting for the more nuanced shades of brown chocolate, tobacco and to give a greater brightness instead you can choose shades of copper or brown honey.

For hair color trends 2014, it is the attention a new coloring technique: the flamboyage developed by Angelo Seminara, which is based on the value of darker foliage through a glossy effect as natural as well. Achievable on both the long hair and even on short hair that averages the light effect you can notice it especially on long hair.

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