H & M Summer Dresses 2014: 5 key styles to wear dresses this summer

As we have ever seen on many occasions, one of the best things we like from H & M is that it always keeps us informed of the developments on fashion and style and in this case we present you a sensational collection of H & M summer dresses 2014 with prices and item details.

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: 5 sensational key dresses

Thus, after shows its bags and original handbags, the collection of maternity clothes for spring-summer 2014, office clothing and evening dresses for this season, and now what do you say, because we will show you 5 key styles dresses to wear this summer as suggested by H & M?

And this week the firm proposes five key styles of dresses to wear in this summer 2014. As you can see below, each of the style is intended for a different time of day. And it must be remembered that in summer, the days are longer and have time to do everything absolutely. Want to know what kind of clothes proposed by H & M this season? So pay close attention to what we show you and then, of course, do not miss the gallery. Have you checked the summer sales 2014 Desigual women’s clothing at lower price?

Glamour party dresses

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: Glamour party dresses

The first proposals of H & M summer dresses 2014 are the party dresses, as the company says, “everything you need for glamorous party season.” Within these proposals, the Swedish giant fashion is proposing a cut out on the sides with geometric shapes dress, which will help you stylize the figure, the sleeveless skirt dress is priced at $59.95. But if the cut out is not your thing, you can also opt for a lace design, one of the biggest trends this season. The price for the lace dress is $49.95. With these types of elegant dresses you can go without losing the glamor touch. Both are dressed in black, ideal for glamorous night parties color.

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: pleated & floral bandeau dress

The company also offers two other prom dresses in short design, but far removed from previous versions, as they are much more colorful. The first is a romantic pleated style with the price available $39.95 while the second option is a sober bright floral printed on a fabric Bandeau dress at $39.95.

Feminine and elegant daytime dresses

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: daytime dresses

The second of the styles proposed on H & M summer dresses 2014 is entitled “daytime dresses” and as you can see n the picture, the brand proposes the most comfortable and cool dresses to wear when temperatures are high. As explained from the brand, these dresses bring femininity and simplicity to the daily wear. We can see in the picture the sleeveless knitted model wraparound striped dress, the color choices available in blue and red with short sleeves and elasticized waist this dress is priced at $24.95. Other choice is the Jersey dress in short sleeves you can get on the official store at $12.95.

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: shirt dress & jersey daytime dress

For daily wear you can also choose dark blue shirt dress with drawstring at waist made of Lyocell ($34.95), the low priced item is also vertical and horizontal stripes in black and white jersey dress is also designed to fit every women’s style ($12.95). These dresses come in feminine colors and elegant flattering cuts that will provide style as well as comfort and freshness without worrying the prices.

Gorgeous flirty dresses

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: flirty short dresses

For this summer, the Swedish firm proposes dresses to make you feel flirty and confident. The best of all is that these models do not lose the freshness and comfort, though admittedly shorter than previous designs. We can find, for example, two short dresses with narrow shoulder straps, one in red and another is sexy black floral pattern and both dresses are priced at $17.95.

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: glam flirty dresses

Then, other alternative options are original design satin dress ($29.95) in red leaving bare shoulders and a white gorgeous strapless dress ($9.95) with sensual neckline.

Modern classic Boho dresses

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: Boho dresses

The fourth collection proposed by H & M for this summer is Boho dresses; one is the sophisticated long shirt dress ($49.95) in lightweight fabric, while the classic model is white maxi dress ($49.95) with top lace to add a touch of femininity and chic at the same time. Complete your style with Dolce & Gabbana eyewear spring summer 2014!

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: maxi dress & long Boho dresses

Other iconic clothing for this summer recommended by H & M on its Boho collection is the sleeveless long straight cut maxi dress ($17.95) in various pattern and color choices; animal, stripes and plain color prints. The printed pattern sleeveless long dress with low v-neck ($34.95) is also glam and soft to wear on any occasions.

Ladylike and sensual Bodycon dresses

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: tube Bodycon dresses

And the last style of the dresses to wear this summer, the firm proposes the tight designs of tube dresses which you can choose the lace-covered detail ($24.95) and the knee-length fitted tube dress ($12.95), both of the tube dresses are presented in very glam look, you can make your own figure. Want more sensual look with Bodycon dresses? Then the black short fitted dress with textured pattern ($24.95) is the glamorous choice or the sleeveless textured-knit jersey dress ($24.95) is adorned with glam snake or leopard pattern.

H & M Summer Dresses 2014: fitted bodycon dresses

Which one you choose from the sensational key styles above as H & M recommend this summer? Find the detail of the items and prices available on official H & M online store!

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