H & M men’s clothing and accessories autumn winter 2013 2014: trends of the cold season

H & M Divided Style is one of the most well-known multinational fashion brands today: of course with the presence of the popular Brazilian male model Francisco Lachowski. For him, it is the honor to introduce the long-awaited H&M men’s clothing fall winter 2013 2014 to be the trendiest collection of New Looks November.

H & M men’s clothing fall winter 2013 2014

H & M men's clothing autumn winter 2013 2014 - Francisco lachowski new looks november

H&M, as we know for many presentations it always points out important names for the modeling scene. So it is not surprising to find the handsome Francisco Lachowski modeling on H&M men’s clothing fall winter 2013 2014 for the New Looks November that is launched this month, figuratively speaking throughout the year. However in the various collections of the Scandinavian brand, there is no sign of melancholy or a trace of sadness.

In fact, H & M Divided Style keeps intact its character as young and casual, arming him against the great cold that sooner or later will come with sweaters from fantasies gray mountain color, sweatshirts with the inevitable hood, short jackets, green shirt and blue jeans. Check out also our interesting selection of H&M women’s shoes Fall Winter 2013 2014!

It is the series of outfits that seem perfect for young people who like to look more practical and relaxed, dynamic and casual. Everything from H&M Divided moves with a strongly rhythmic step, in total harmony and trendy casual designs.

H&M men’s accessories autumn winter 2013 2014

H & M men's accessories autumn winter 2013 2014 - Modern touch collection

The men’s catalogs are not only present in clothing, H & M men’s accessories collection for autumn winter 2013-2014 are also available for those who always keep their fashionable appearance in the cold of the season, the style varied from casual to classic with a modern touch and more sophisticated look.

This time H&M men’s accessories trends autumn winter 2013 2014 aim the spotlight on men’s fashion accessories that are available in a wide selection of cool colors. From shoes to handbags, from gloves to scarves, nothing escapes from the sight of the giant fashion brand’s new collection to attract the young people. Check out our tips on how to wear a scarf for menObviously there are a wide selection of accessories with different styles ranging necessarily respected, so here’s the H & M men’s accessories autumn winter 2013-2014 presented by two models (RJ Rogenski  and  Andre Feulner) there are several sections devoted time to the classic, now the life in the city, now more relaxed and casual to casual. Discover also the collection of H&M Men’s fashionable clothing!

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