Guess watches 2013 2014: more than simple accessories

Women’s accessories are essential, not only for their practical function and primary dictate the scan time, but also for the touch of glamor that can add an elegant look to the wearers. Here is the new collection of Guess watches 2013 2014 with the official prices.

Beautiful collections Guess watches 2013 2014

The new line of Guess watches for this fall winter 2013 2014 presents different shades of steel: silver, rose gold or join the trend of the season as the animal print alligator or python straps and engraved on the speakers. The proposals of the Guess brand are a number of moving from the simplest models to use in everyday life to the more elaborate suitable for special occasions or evenings are the most important. Take a look also at our selection of 5 luxury watches collection 2013 2014 to look more elegant and luxurious in the next New Year 2014.

The prices of Guess watches collection are mid-range and are included in the range of less than 100 euro up to just over 200 euro. Discover all the prices associated with the models we have selected for you by browsing the gallery at the end where you will find the official price of the new catalog. And if you need to change your look, find our topic about how to dress the 80s fashion style!

Find also other topics by the most familiar brand Guess and stay updated with the latest news from the most interesting collections of fashionable and luxury jewelry and other glam women’s accessories in our topic selections.

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