Gota Blanca swimwear summer 2014: feminine retro chic beachwear

The swimwear collection of the designer  summer 2014 represents everything that most original and lovable you could want. The new beach collection is in fact characterized by bikini all hand-painted, a brand that has always distinguished the Italian brand, and each creation reflects what are the trends and colors of the moment.

Gota Blanca swimwear summer 2014: Amalfi beachwear

The 2014 swimwear collection is largely composed of bikini straps, triangle cups in short, the wide choice of models, will surely make any woman happy, when in the brand always tries to meet the needs of women. See also Golden Lady Swimwear 2014!

In the catalog Gota Blanca swimwear summer 2014, we distinguish several lines.

Gota Blanca swimwear summer 2014: Tahiti beachwear

  • The line Amalfi, clearly evokes memories of the Mediterranean. The report bikini, in fact, the paintings of the characteristics of the majolica Amalfi coast.
  • The line Nuit, intense and refined, it consists of in total black bikini, enlivened by strokes, which represent the starry heavens, and rhinestones that illuminate landscapes naive.
  • The line Tahiti, fresh and exotic, as confirmed by its name, is made of fabric and macramé, where floral motifs are contrasted to total white.
  • The Aqua line, what is more sophisticated a woman could want. The swimsuits that are in this line are suitable for glamorous occasions. The green water combined with white and all gold details characterize the line. And here for Guess swimwear 2014 collection!

We see then as when it relates to the Denim line, Gota Blanca beachwear for summer 2014 is divided in two styles:

Gota Blanca swimwear summer 2014: Denim Flower beachwear

Gota Blanca swimwear summer 2014: Denim Retro beachwear

  • Denim Flower, where the fabric precisely denim are combined reasons microfiori.
  • Denim Retro combined with lace, creating a delightful look.

Gota Blanca swimwear summer 2014: Cupcake beachwear

And finally, it’s an explosion of trendy colors, just like a CupCake, from which it takes its name; we find a rich collection of contrasts floral, stripes, polka dots… in short, a line for a woman victim of fashion. See all the official catalog of Gota Blanca swimwear summer 2014!

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