Glam and stylish tattoos: many designs to choose!

Indelible marks on the skin make you think about it before the glam and stylish tattoos. Today we can find so many designs and patterns to choose and implement it on the skin. A tattoo is not only an aesthetic factor but it is also a moment of inspiration, a way of branding the memories, times, feelings destined to be remembered forever. While in ancient times the tattoo was something reserved for men only but in the present day it is also designed in various patterns and designs especially for women.

Flower back tattoo

What design to choose?

The letters or fonts tattoo appear to be the most popular design: on the other hand we know that all women love to put their feelings and emotions into words and scratch it on the skin, the words are various and it can be the name of their parents, children or boyfriend (although with this must be careful, if love ends!), phrases of songs, poems or novels that have remained in the heart and maybe have them thinking and prodded in life.

The floral motifs never go out of fashion, and in this case, each flower has its own meaning! For example, the camellia flower is the symbol of the strong people always certain that pursue their goals. And what about rose tattoos? Rose is one of the most appreciated and popular tattoos, it symbolizes love, devotion and beauty.

For fashion addicted there are plenty of beautiful tattoo designs: for example, a small pattern or sketches and quotes from the fashion world icons, such as Coco Chanel. But in general every passion has its own tattoos, there can be music, dance, theater and Calligraphy arts to apply, in this case you should be sure that the symbol chosen is the right mark on your skin. More “traditional” but immortal are also the most preferred, the symbols such as hearts, stars, tribal and traditional Japanese tattoos have their own meanings.

What is the best location to get a tattoo and what size?

If there is a law that determines the size of the tattoo you would lose the beauty of this art, you have to follow your instincts and never lose your inner voice: the tattoo is forever implemented on your skin (until you choose the contemporary tattoo) so for the size and location depend on you. A tattoo then, it’s even better when it can hardly be revealed and when it is placed in strategic locations such as on the neck, shoulders, ankles, in the inner part of the arms, under the wrist and fingers of feet and even on hands: To be glam does not mean flaunt, but let discover little by little!

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