Gisele Bündchen, the new face for Pantene ad campaign 2014

The new ad campaign of Pantene hair care brand is associated with Gisele Bündchen, one of the most famous models in the world from January 2014. The latter appear on all platforms of global marketing campaign for the brand, including TV and print advertising, posters in shops, interactive media and public relations campaigns. Bundchen has been the new face of Pantene in Brazil since 2007. Here to find new trends in hair colors autumn-winter 2013/14: take a look to the celebs style!

Hair brand Pantene ad campaign 2014 with gisele bundchen as spokesmodel

33 years supermodel lets us know in a new ad for the brand of hair care products, which is the Global Ambassador. On the new Pantene ad campaign 2014, Gisele Bündchen appears beautifully in the video about 40 seconds. This is the first Pantene commercials broadcast in North America, a new land to conquer for Gisele, who has proven with Pantene in his native country, Brazil. Check out also Lady Gaga for Versace: the real iconic contemporary woman for the fashion house!

“I like Pantene that not only helps keep your hair healthy and strong, but the brand also encourages grant under programs like Pantene Beautiful Lengths“. “Gisele is a woman who really has it all. Not only has one of the most admired scalps world of beauty, but also a true role model and has a heart of gold, “said Kevin Crociata, director of marketing for hair care division of Procter & Gamble.” We wanted to emphasize not only the beauty of Gisele but also in her determination to encourage women to give the best of themselves. Her extraordinary career achievements, success as a mother of two children and his philanthropic work constantly inspire women to be beautiful inside and out. We are proud to now become part of the Pantene family in America.” Discover also Miu Miu clothing collection spring 2014: featuring 2 French models!

Gisele Bündchen will be the spokesperson for the new ad campaign for Pantene 2014, starting in January 2014 to launch the new clinically proven technology that helps combat oxidative damage (EDDS) a scoop of Pantene. This technology is focusing captures and helps to reduce the accumulation of copper in the hair to prevent oxidative damage and bring a new dimension of protection. This technology will be offered for most Pantene products to help keep the hair in good condition for a long time. Pantene will also launch a new detoxifying collection designed for women seeking a high level of damages and wish you a “new life” to your hair. Don’t forget to visit our previous tips on Hair problems – Remedies against the split ends!

Pictures of  Gisele Bündchen, the new face for Pantene ad campaign 2014

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