Geox Men’s Jackets 2013 2014: the trendiest models and the official prices

The new collection of Geox Men’s vests 2013 2014 for autumn winter presents a rich selection of garments that cover every need with elegant style. Discover with us the 10 most beautiful models and their official prices.

Geox Men's Jackets 2013 2014 - Winter jacket hood

The summer is ending and the cold season is coming up with its advances mild temperatures and fresh. Better to protect themselves in times of outerwear suitable for mid-season by choosing one of many proposals signed Geox f /w 2013 2014. We selected ten pieces of the new winter collection of the most beautiful and now I boil them in detail. In the meantime, take a look at the collection from Fendi shoes fall winter 2013 2014.

The collection of clothing Geox Men’s fall-winter 2013 2014 is composed of double-breasted jackets, winter jackets nylon jackets and jackets of medium weight. The color palette that the most people choose is the traditional male and autumnal shades: gray, black, brown, blue and a bit of fun with the red and yellow that reflect the warm colors of the leaves in this season. The camouflage print duvet covers the padded perfect for colder days. There are many alternatives and styles that fit across the board is to outfit every day for work and for more elegant occasions. Discover the new collection of Bata mens shoes fall winter 2013 2014 that we presented these days.


The coats of the new collection Geox Men’s fall-winter 2013 2014 have prices between €130 and € 350. Discover all prices within the photo gallery you can find at the end of this model to model. One of the most famous clothing brands, Geox offers high quality garments, breathable and made ​​with quality materials and high technology, patented by the company.

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