Trendy hairstyles and haircuts of the season: Framesi hair spring summer 2014

The strokes distinctly sporty pop animate the hair collection team of hairdressers FRAMESI, and this combination of inspiration is summed up in the same title of the proposal ATHLETIC MIX designed by Italian Style Energy.

Framesi hair spring summer 2014: Framesi SS'14 hair trends collection

The haircuts proposed on Framesi hair spring summer 2014 is characterized by scaling read but net, is then reiterated the easy convertibility from curly to straight to exploit the geometry of the cuts and the contrast is created between the linearity of the fringe and the dynamism of the totality of combing curly reserved.

The collection, designed by the hairdressers team Framesi for spring summer 2014 is suffering from cool and strokes for distinctly sporty pop look, from which union is generated in the genre ATHLETIC MIX proposed by Italian Style Energy.

The Framesi hair trends collection SS’14 is also characterized by read gauges but net, which is confirmed by the easy convertibility curly smooth to exploit the geometry of the cuts and the contrast, is created between the linearity of the fringe and the dynamism of curly reserved to the totality of the hairstyle. Even the color of the hair, plays an important role in the new summer collection, where you can see very bright colors and neon brush strokes. You can also see what are the hair color trends 2014 with more natural dyes for spring summer 2014!

Bright neon colors with brushstrokes hair

As for the choice of colors, Framesi hair spring summer 2014 collection has opted for colors hair accessories, then the strands are sometimes invaded by BRUSH FLUO reserved to the tuft, rewarding especially the different shades of blonde that fade in the colors the blonde’s cold and sandy blond, enlivened by strands which are tinged with light reflections and almost metallic look instead for a more spirited of hairstyling courses are suggested by streaks of color contrasting shades of blue, pink or red.

The collection Athletic Mix interprets the sporty style mixing cuts with graphic lines animated by an effect disheveled and wrinkled, while the wavy hair enhance the natural volumes that give softness. Or you can opt for contemporary hair colors by Kiko Hair Revolution collection 2014!

The detail that is repeated with disheveled hair or wavy effect, but always soft greater frequency in recent haircut is represented by the GEOMETRIC FRINGED short and straight while the soft waves or curls bodied invade the crown of the head, giving a less strong allure for cutting hair.

The haircuts collection shown by Framesi for the spring summer season 2014 are aimed at a female target who appreciates style sporty and dynamic, which results in the VERSATILE STYLING and easy portability, this will create different solutions look simple to achieve in a few minutes, being able to take advantage of light cuts and marched that lend themselves to different interpretations and transformations of look. Here are the looks of Framesi hair spring summer 2014 collection!

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