FORTEDEMARMI – Italian Customizable Exotic Leather Jewelry

FORTEDEMARMI Italian Customizable Exotic Leather Jewelry now available worldwide: the brand launches exclusive online boutique.

FORTEDEMARMI Customizable Exotic Leather Jewelry from Italy

Women with a taste for exclusivity across the globe are getting excited as Italian jewelry house FORTEDEMARMI announce the much awaited launch of its online boutique. With its range of fine crocodile and python leather goods becoming synomonous with fine style and luxury amongst the high-class society, the innovative collection of customizable pieces can now be bought online, allowing ladies to grab a one-off piece with the simple click of a mouse.

Fortedemarmi Italian Exclusive Jewellery Clutches Collection

Inspired by the mesmerizing visuals of sacred geometry, every design by FORTEDEMARMI is as precious as the stars and planets that inspire them. Dripping with golds and diamonds, the signature touch from this jewelry house is the infusion of fine crocodile and python skins that complete each piece. Originally based in Florence, Moscow and Dubai, the news of this online boutique means that fans all over the world can add to their FORTEDEMARMI collection whenever they desire, as each new seasons offering of colors and shapes arrive.

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Alena Kupriyanova Lotti, co-owner, creative director and brand ambassador of FORTEDEMARMI said, “With FORTEDEMARMI, our aim is to help ladies across the globe embellish themselves with the luxury they deserve, with a range of clutch bags, earrings, necklaces and bangles. Of course, fine materials such as gold, diamonds and exotic leathers make for incredible jewelry, but we go one step further in helping our customers own a one-off piece by adding a factor of customization. Once a style and design of jewelry has been found, we can embellish it with the sapphires, diamonds and precious stones in any color she desires onto whichever shade of leather suits the client, resulting in a truly personal piece each and every time.”

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Lotti continued, “Now, we are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of our online boutique. As soon as each new collection is launched, our customers can head online to design their own creations using the fresh shapes and shades on offer, making it easier than ever to create an exclusive collection of FORTEDEMARMI pieces, that no one else will be seen in but you.”

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“If a woman wants her own personalized collection by Fortedemarmi, I can personally visit her in her residence in any part of the world. But usually we invite the client to our mansion in Florence, Italy—the beautiful historical Villa Castelletti. We provide a relaxing stay in Italy with an entertainment program while we design a special, personal collection and choose all the materials”

After discussing what the client is looking for, Alena Lotti will sketch out ideas and try to find the best way to highlight a woman’s natural beauty with the exotic skins and gemstones requested. “When it is a custom order, it’s your personal collection and we write your name on it, so it’s no longer exclusively Fortedemarmi, it’s now a collaboration of the brand with a celebrity, royal or with you”

When browsing the new online offering from FORTEDEMARMI, shoppers will enter a world filled with exquisite design. With each style created to capture the personality of the wearer, a range of geometric shapes including a Star for honor and a Triangle for intuition are available, as well as a curated selection of colors spanning the spectrum from pale pastel hues to deep, vibrant shades.

To find out more about FORTEDEMARMI and browse the complete collection of luxury Italian made jewelry, visit the website at:

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