Footwear trends 2013 – From the beach to the catwalk

The flip-flops of the little kids, crabber sandals are revolutionizing the footwear trends 2013. The quintessential beach footwear takes a leap into the street to be footwear trends for this season. Great designers like Phillip Lim drew his creations on the catwalk in New York this year that is causing real sense. The undisputed “must have” for this summer, from the classic plastic to the leather heel materials are available in various trendy models for women trends this year. Take a look and let pinched by the crabbers as shoe sandal trends 2013!

Trendy footwear for this season - Look more chic and elegant

Back out like crabs to remember the flip flops that marked our childhood on the coast. While little kids wear the shoes to walk from sunrise to sunset in their castle sands, the designers from around the world have decided to extrapolate the trend of the street crab sandals. Less enthusiastic version is the classic plastic as it is quite uncomfortable to walk around the town but it is not the one material you will find.

This footwear design was created based on crab sandals to wear on the beach but it is also very cool to wear on the street. The leather was replaced by plastic providing greater agility in the water and thus preventing jellyfish stings, crabs and sea urchins among others. The arrangement of the strips makes the foot ventilated and let go in the water circulation in the upper subject.

The sandals have an exclusive section for summer shoes trends 2013 made ​​in Spain. Trendy and fluorescent colors are the most you will find for the collection but Black or transparent lifelong captivate also designed for who do not hesitate to include them in their collections.

It will be one of amazing fashion trends 2013 for footwear collection, from the shirts up to 10 cm platforms. You will easily find the outfit that has various collections for these sandals. Anything goes for the footwear trends 2013!

Phillip Lim is one of the culprits of this trend as original. For New York catwalk 2013 this footwear trends are the main protagonists especially for the price that available in an affordable price, Stradivarius and Zara have been quick to draw their own clones. The fashion industry this summer creates multiple designs, from flat sandals without many details of platform, tack or animal print. In the image below, the left belong to the parade for the designer Phillip Lim and his clone Top Shop.

The various designs and styles are available, in large part, the material in which they are manufactured. The leather, velvet and similar textures get them to the city; while plastic is better to step on a maritime environment. It is considered a very fresh and youthful design and style so the heel of your sandals will make you dare to wear it during the day.

The difference between crabbers and Roman sandal is quite small, even it is hard to differentiate but they are two different styles. The former are closed at the end and bring with it has more chic and elegant looks for the footwear trends 2013, while inspired by the Old Kingdom are ideal to create more rockers outfits with numerous overlapping strips.

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