Five more movies with Johnny Depp

June 9, 1963: the birth of one of the most talented and charismatic actors of his generation. An eternal boy, surreal love of roles, from Edward Scissorhands to Jack Sparrow. Here are the Top 5 of his “jewels”

Writing about Johnny Depp is a pleasure, because the ideas never fail. If you settle to fill the page of trivia, just remember its records how many times it has been named the sexiest man on the planet? Not to mention the well-deserved reputation as Scrooge in Hollywood (only in 2012 earned 75 million dollars) and the prerogative of the (very welcome by the parties of the studios) to turn into gold everything that goes: it is estimated that his films have grossed in the world the tune of $ 8 billion. Yet, the man who is behind this stunning barrage of numbers and success is much more enigmatic and interesting than a “any” Hollywood superstar: more than a man symbol Johnny looks like a billionaire Peter Pan melancholy, with that from a little boy ‘shy and very little desire to grow. The classic kind that makes girls crazy because he is aloof and does not say a word. And then, even if there are excesses in his past (alcoholic and non), turbulent love affairs (first of all the one with Kate Moss ), hotel rooms destroyed and attacks on the paparazzi, to understand who he really is Johnny just scroll your resume more a character is dazed and light years away from the opinion of feminine, and the more he likes it. And this, in addition to talent, makes him a great actor.

Johnny Depp movies

Today, one of the most popular Hollywood celebrities Johnny Depp is taking 50 years and continues to bring them well, very well indeed. To celebrate we have chosen a little picture with some of the actors, directors and writers most famous that has crossed in his career – and especially the trailers of five little-known film in which it appears, or movie you’ve seen for sure without realizing him.

Platoon (1986)
One of the most famous films about the Vietnam War, directed by Oliver Stone. It is the third film in which Johnny Depp appears as an actor credited (it is the eleventh in the official list of the actors). In the film plays the role of the soldier Gator Lerner, one of the few in the company who speaks Vietnamese. Only in the trailer appears twice, let’s see if you can find it.

Dead Man (1995)
It is a film of little known American independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, the author of Down by Law, with Roberto Benigni, Coffee and Cigarettes and Broken Flowers. It is a dreamlike and surreal western in which Depp plays a shy accountant clerk chased by bounty hunters and accompanied by an Indian thinks he has to do with the reincarnation of the English poet of William Blake. The soundtrack of the film is Neil Young.

Today, who knows where and with whom (his story with Vanessa Paradis, mother of his two children, it is now stored for some time), Depp blowing on 50 candles: hard to imagine before the mirror, this celebrity star shown his white hair or a wrinkle, but you never know. From our side, nothing better than to congratulate him choosing his five film not to be missed, and then review them to his health. Have fun.

1. Edward Scissorhands (1990, Tim Burton)
The best movie of Tim Burton is also the first that sees Depp orders of what will become his favorite director: he played with 7 films, plus the dubbing de Corpse Bride. This, however, is the masterpiece of both, a poignant tale of a robot dallla human form that, due to the sudden death of its creator, remains unfinished, with two sharp shears instead of hands. A pearl unsurpassed lyricism and fantasy.

No protagonist of a production Disney was never able to get an Oscar nomination. Then came Johnny version of Jack Sparrow, and you’re done. Needless to grimace: of course, this is a fragile blockbuster, chock full of special effects, but when an actor becomes a character in a myth, you just have to bow down. Also because that, like it or not, the pirate Depp is signed for the children of today’s coolest Zorro and Sandokan put together.

3. DONNIE BRASCO (1997, Mike Newell)
Depp goes down in the uncomfortable role of Joe Pistone, a young police officer in New York, who infiltrates a family of Cosa Nostra and, against all odds, becomes chummy with Lefty (a monumental Al Pacino), second mafia ‘ order but capable of unpredictable outbursts of affection towards a guy who could be his son… It was almost impossible to hold the duel with a legend like that, but Johnny the enterprise fails.

Another role of the policeman New York, for neoconservative but this time we are in 1799, in the village just outside the Big Apple that is called Sleepy Hollow. When you start a series of gruesome murders, was summoned, the weirdo detective Ichabod Crane who, with his investigative style systems CSI ahead of its time, will try to see clearly… Here comes again the couple Burton-Depp, struggling with the-dark Gothic atmospheres that both adore. The result is spectacular.

5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER GRAPE (1993, Lasse Hallstrom)
Life hard for the young  Gilbert Grape : he lives in a shabby village of Iowa, and as if that were not enough, after the suicide of his father must take care of the obese mother and retarded brother (a very young and amazing Leonardo DiCaprio, nominated for Oscar). Not everything, however, is lost. A touching film, played very well, inexplicably underrated. Johnny and Leo, however, are fabulous.

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