Fendi trendiest handbags collection fall-winter 2013 2014

These days we showed you several handbags collections and catalogs. What we want to tell you today are the official prices of the bags from Fendi catalog fall winter 2013 2014.

Multicolor animal Fendi bag catalogs

The price of Fendi handbags definitely falls into the high-end models are very prestigious and manufactured with the highest quality products: the finest leathers, furs most precious, metals more interesting. Not to mention the design of these bags that is unique in the world. We have selected 10 Fendi handbags of the most glamorous of the autumn winter 2013 2014.

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The 2 Jour Fendi fall winter 2013 2014 we have selected from the bags available in a model of vision and pony fur and another on merino sheepskin tassel. Two pearls rich color and a tribute to the iconic style and elegance of this type of bag, the characteristic of the brand. You will see the baguettes in two different sizes in both fox and mink that do not go unnoticed on the arm of every woman.

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Fendi baguette for the catalog fall winter 2013 2014 handbags are the most popular for every season. We chose among all the models in the collection a / w 2013 2014 the most funny and original baguette covered with glittering sequins, decorated with colored mirrors or spotted pony print. Completing our selection the classic Adele proposal striped coat, a classic shopper logged in with the press of the brand and a  rounded mini clutch in pink color.


To discover all the prices officers of the autumn winter 2013 2014 Fendi handbag trends you can browse the catalog photo at the end of the article. As we said at the beginning bags are valuable and therefore the prices are between € 500 and € 5,000.

Do not miss the special on prices, models, the catalogs of the collections of the most glamorous handbags fall winter.

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