Femme attack on Germany’s Next Top Model, a television show of supermodel Heidi Klum

The former German model was leading the final of Germany’s Next Top Model when two women staged an unusual protest … topless! But Heidi did not lose the temper. It is a guarantee for those who choose it as a future judge in America’s Got Talent.

They occupied the stage of “Next Top Model” in Germany, the popular show hosted by Heidi Klum. The group Femen protested in their own way: topless and in front of the TV which aired the broadcast, one of the most watched in the country. On the chest the written words are “Heidi Horror Picture Show” to challenge the use of women on television.

Heidi Klum has shown a phenomenal stage presence and imperturbable aplomb during the final of Germany’s Next Top Model. The evening, of which the former model was the presenter, was held in direct Mennheim, Germany, on Thursday May 30.

During the show, something unexpected happened: two women took possession of the stage, and then undress their jerseys. Stay topless, wearing only jeans, the cameras showed the writings that were on her chest: “Heidi Horror Picture Show“.

It is not clear what they wanted to protest against actually, but certainly the hostess did not lose her head. Unperturbed, he expected that the two were removed to continue with the show, which was won by Lovelyn Enebechi.

In short, the German model was confirmed as an excellent practitioner of the small screen, a gift that will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate even to American television, where she was invited to sit in the chair of judge of America’s Got Talent. With her, there will also be Mel B of the Spice Girls, the radio deejay Howard Stern and the Canadian comedian Howie Mandel.

A quartet oddly assorted hears Scary Spice: “Howard is a type absolutely unpredictable. The craziest among us and in fact go completely agree! Heidi is a sweetheart, we are good friends. Then Howie is obsessed with germs; allows me and Heidi to use her private jet, but woe to touch her hands! In short, we are a quartet really upset, but for some reason goes on a charm.”

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