Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2012 / 2013

What Trends in Fashion Today? The calendar says it’s still summer, perhaps the heat is coming back but since it is a lot that bombard us with the fashion trends of the upcoming Fall / Winter, you might as well talk about it until the cool breezes of the storm there yet. They will come in August to show us jackets and heavy coats even when the African heat had not arrived, as in February irritates me to see the clothing of mini skirts and flowers, seriously I do not understand why they start to be fashion trends so soon.

But given that the fashion trend is already in place for a while I thought it might be useful to defuse it with a little bit of observations from the pack. Here are some of the trends:

The new black

The new black - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

You can not come to an agreement on what will be.
Some say the blue and I can not be the happy, blue is a color very versatile, undemanding and not too dark, actually what must masquerade as the next winter is electric blue.

The alternative for black seems to be the green, emerald green, forest green, green as portable light green but remember “who wears his green beauty trusts.” This means that very few women are doing very well in green. If you own a color you really like try to choose the point that gives you more, you look sick in emerald green and radiant in forest green. Then there’s the obvious, the new black is black. For heaven’s sake the black is never enough and there will be more black in stores we had better could choose our leaders based of fashion style.


Velvet - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

This really is a fabric very challenging, the risk of doing just old or too pompous to make an outfit very high. I’ve never been a love, because this year is proposed in smooth and shiny, less versatile than sad to coast. If you are looking for a dress that draws attention and a soft fabric that falls on this curve can do for you, but make sure that no bending is lacking its luster because the will under the eyes of all.

Prints and embroidery

Prints and embroidery - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

There are spared prints this fall, the most challenging and character, optical, baroque effect, upholstery and oriental. Of course if you choose the right one can be a very eye-catching breath of fresh air for your wardrobe, but I do not dare to match them to each other, a total look with a base color that is good is the safest choice.

Metallic Gold

Metallic - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Silver and a look that at times seems to come from an alien spacecraft. The right way to attract attention for charity, but difficult to wear. In this case, you can divert accessories if you care to be the center of attention, these materials are perfect to liven up an evening look very simple, but do not overdo it, shoes and necklace are more than enough, no need to add bag, stole and belt if you do not want to look like Wonder Woman.

Astrakhan cloth

Astrakhan cloth - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Ecological and pretend that there is more (because they kill baby crocodile shoe is fine but no baby mink? or obtained from micro puppies of a particular variety of black sheep. I do not want getting into the morality, because then it’s a personal choice, but if I have to wear a fur coat I do it because it is so cold that even my duvet warms me, and then I could go rather to recall the old fur grandmother’s closet. In fact I do not like fur in general, too showy and “lady” even fake ones are too big, colorful and flashy for my taste, but if you like the new? Tendency launch yourself, but make no mistake, at the expense of what they say the grandmother’s old fur is not coming back in fashion, you could just spend the equivalent of one new to modernize it and then find the following year that you’re back out. So better to save money and also overextend out this year.

Military style

Military Style - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Sometimes they come back, come back often. Look for purely autumn colors, or the male and rigorous ALLURE are proposed to us a bit of time. It’s not a bad trend and can also defuse a very feminine look, some have to make sure that the olive green give you, and if risky with the purchase of an item as important as a coat, be aware that if next year the trend not repeated, you may feel like a fish out of water, so do it only if you are able to arrange.

Country chic style

Country chic style - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

This is the only trend at the expense of 30 degrees in the shade makes me want a little ‘clothes autumn. The declination view on the catwalk is too masculine for my taste, but I have no doubt of being able to find the same colors and fabrics in women’s garments.

Springs for lifestyle

Springs for lifestyle - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

We are hearing from the style for a while, the beautiful feminine cliff in life. This can be called a peplum, even if it has to do with the Greek shawl or yoke, but the result does not change: it is a Addition of fabric and on complete volume where many women do not need another volume. Of course, for those who are a little curvy, and small hips or sit flat trend can be useful and can really make the dress or skirt more feminine, who gave them to the sides already natural does not need further fabric instead.

Rust or strong colors

Rust or strong colors - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

I’ll be a traditionalist, but for me there must be trend autumn colors, although I do not dislike a little pastel shades since I love them so much. The rust is a color that was missing for a bit and then I appreciate it, but certainly not great buzz about the total look, partly because it is so easy to approach it on black, olive green, brown, beige and even dark blue or gray that I see no reason to create a total look. As for the bright colors, neon that is simply very charges can only be happy that it seems out of fashion the Block Color, but combine with incompatible colors like red and fuchsia. This does not of course prevent me to choose just a few pieces and combine them with my classic basic colors, to avoid asking me if I fell on a can of paint when I come to office with a blue sky dress.

Pajamas Style

Pajamas Style - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Oh no not get me started pajama style, as long as we provide some nice full soft to stay at home and even a little ‘fancy I’m sorry, but come out with a faux silk stuff of Greek heaven is not my idea of fashion. Then of course there is the detail that the pajama pants with straight men and women gives just a few.

Oversize style

Oversize style - Trends Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

I decided to show it to last simply because I’m not going to deal with it in such a short space, but I hope soon to dedicate a post of its own, since it is a trend on which there is too much to say.

There is one of these new trends that you like? Do you think you will buy something or you’re limited to using the pages of magazines for you to air and not succumb to the sultriness? I hope you can find what you looking for on this article and Fashionbashon be useful for you!