Fashion Tips Applicable to Any Wardrobe by Jasmyne Caleb

There are many factors that can influence a person’s style. Fashion blogger, Jasmyne Caleb gives details on how to play off certain elements that affect individual style.

1. Season: Seasons are a great way to coordinate color scheme. When I think of summer, I think of warm colors and bright hues. So this summer, I’ll combine light yet bright colors with deep blues, kelly greens, sun kiss oranges, bright and deep yellows, punches of pink, are other colors that embody summer.

Fashion Tips: Lively and vibrant summer color scheme

2. Mood: Sometimes your color scheme can depend on your mood. Do you feel live and vibrant? Spruce up your ensemble with bright and lively colors!

3. Weather: Weather plays a strong impact on how we dress. If it’s raining we don’t usually choose to wear whites, or light colors. We choose what’s comfortable and weather appropriate.

4. Event- Depending on invitation you dress accordingly. If attending a casual event, neutral colors are the way to go. Blues, denims, whites, creams, browns, natural colors; and other variations per event.

5. Shades- I over love coloring my wear with shades. The shade colors are blacks, grays, browns, and whites. Shades can be used to complete any wear; especially when putting finishing touches on your personal style.

Fashion Tips: Neutral colors for summer daily look

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