Fashion 80’s: the trends and styles of 80s dresses

Fashion 80's - madonna is the icon for 80s fashion model

The fashion 80’s back in the limelight of fashion trends 2013, and after having been on the back burner for years back even in the fashion runways of the season spring summer 2013. The 80’s fashion style are coming back to the stage of men and women fashion trends, however, it has several favorable elements, to dress like a fashionable vintage of 80s style you will not have to commit outrageous figures and do shopping at some outlets that offer 80s fashion dresses, you should check out what the outlet offers and then grab all the 80s dress that you feel you are fit in for the style, in vintage shops and even in old trunks of your mother.

Fashion 80's - colorful dress is 80s fashion trends for today

Here’s a guide on 80’s fashion men and fashion women to understand, know it and show it off!

Fashion 80's - more colorful vintage style for today trends

Fashion 80's - black leather jacket and sun glasses are trends of 80s dresses

The the 80s fashion dresses following the dictates and easily recognizable that are the following:

  • The pants cycling long or short.
  • High-waisted jeans to dress in with wedges and sneakers, boots or other vintage shoes but you should keep what the trends for vintage style today’s trends.
  • The straps on these leather jackets, 80s clothes, jeans and t-shirts or whatever to look more fashionable!
  • The neoblouson with bat-wing sleeve declined in fluorescent colors and exaggerated.
  • The popular and top brands of Sweat shirts to make you suite in the jeans you are wearing.
  • Levis Strauss Jeans model 501, a must!
  • The bubble skirts are worn with pants cycling (reissued in leggings).
  • The jeans should be decorated with floral embellishment can be matched with colorful of maxi.

Fashion 80's - jeans is the must-have 80s fashion style

Fashion 80s: accessories

  • As for the accessories here we have the real must-have that can not miss in the 80’s and a look which at the time were ubiquitous.
  • The diamond bracelets are worn at the most of your wrists.
  • Leather Belts can be a good idea to dress like 80s fashion.
  • Warms muscles worn over jeans.
  • Converse shoes or Air Jordan basketball can be an amazing trends of 80s fashion shoes.
  • The jewelry with spiritual recommendations, just like crucifixes of a variety of beliefs and other iconic images.
  • The handwear cover or gloves were must-have accessories, worn in one of your hands or both hands. It is preferably in leather or lace.

Fashion 80's - how to dress a cool 80s style - 80s hairstyle

Fashion 80’s: Hair and make up

In the 80s the hairstyle trends was fluffy and buds, it was really cool Frisians and their hairstyles always decorated with bands and colleges and also from circles. The make-up had to be flashy and nicely toned with a smooth touch, quite pointed eyes and red lips are more preferred in 80s fashion trends. Maybe you are also interested: How to match colors and clothes and never choose the wrong 80s dresses. How to dress well and fashionable: the rules for never wrong on how to dress well and fashionable on a budget!