Fall 2015 Beauty Guides: Chella Eyebrow Color Kit Collection

Regarding beauty and makeup trend stories this Fall 2015, I’d like to introduce you to the Chella Eyebrow Color Kit. Fall is in full swing, time for old trends to pass and new trends to take their place. One major fall beauty trend is the “feather brow”. Making a name for itself at fashion week the natural brow is being embraced as the overly filled brow is being forgotten.

Chella Eyebrow Color Kits and Beauty Makeup Guides Fall 2015

To get the look, choose the desired brow shape with Chella’s brow shaping guide. Lightly fill brow arches with the Chella mechanical brow color pencil, use quick and small strokes of the pencil to mimic brow hairs. Clean up lines with the Brow Highlighter pencil, and brush brow hairs upward and towards the end of the brow with the Chella Brow defining gel to set in place. The kit also contains a dual-purpose pencil sharpener to lengthen the life of the highlighter pencil.

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Chella Beautiful Blonde and Luscious Light Brown Brow Color Kit

Chella’s Eyebrow Color Kit has all the tools needed to achieve ultimate brow perfection this fall 2015. The Chella Eyebrow Color Kit comes in six neutral shades: auburn, dark brown, light brown, blonde, ebony, and taupe. Find other products dedicated to brow, lash and eye enhancement at: http://www.chella.com/brow-eye-collection.html

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