Eyewear trends: the nerd and hyper glam sunglasses

Fashionbashon - Eyewear trends 2013

The international eyewear exhibition which closed yesterday in Milan, fashion trends that were emerged very clear. For those fashion people who wear eyeglasses and wants to be cool, the new frontier of inspiration is that of the Geek, a term that goes far beyond the intellectual nerd to refer to fanatical technology, equipped with small lenses, rounded shapes and minimal lightweight frames. So, absolute purity, minimalism total and a must have to complete your fashion collection.

Fashionbashon - Dolce and Gabbana Classic Style - Eyewear trends 2013

Fashionbashon - Gucci - Eyewear trends 2013

On the other side, that of fashion and sunglass – is exactly the opposite. Ceilings, huge prints, Swarovski, decorativismi various glasses become a fundamental element of style, an integral part of the character that you want to represent. So, if you wear the wrong glasses, the whole look will suffer irreversible damage! It’s colored and Mediterranean, explosive, Dolce & Gabbana Persol with a classic version, it would be almost an oxymoron. So by the way it is worn with the imagination, with the representation of themselves, with the great game of fashion and the latest trends of eyewear fashion. Prada has joined flowers and animal prints, Gucci has pushed the glitter, Ferragamo has dared oversize lenses, Marni has proposed large lenses cut almond or rounded, always with a geometric effect .. Then, if you are design lovers, we recommend a detour on the site of Mykita, Berlin artist eyewear brand is a bastion of absolute innovation. More over the element, the return of metal that seems to be surpassing transparency and passion for duo tones to complete with a perfect look. Fiorucci remains on transparency, making it even denim and creating a retro matte plastic wood effect. On the temples, the iconic images of comics and pop art to get the stylish look from the latest design of eyewear.