Eyewear – Every look deserves a different “dress”

It’s easy to say the glasses. Because these objects rotate around a world, and it is not a metaphor. A world that works and provides employment and that involves more than one sector. The first fashion with his “induced” of creativity, industry, craftsmanship and communication, and then the health, because the glasses are also, and arise as a means of prevention of eye problems large and small.

Eyewear - Trends eye glasses 2013

And all this now generates a business that does not go unnoticed, especially in times of crisis, with its +7% increase in exports, bringing the sector’s contribution to the fashion made in Italy with a share of over 11%. Italy – it is not a surprise to anyone – trudging in the internal market, but perhaps not so well known that, in terms of world exports of sunglasses and optical frames, holds the record with a share of 25% (12,000 million euro ), leaving behind China and Hong Kong.

eyewear trends - fashion trend 2013

This world will meet every year in Milan for the “Mido”, the largest international trade fair for optics, optometry and ophthalmology this year has reached edition number 43. As always, the show takes place in the halls of in Rho-Pero and will run until March 4. “This is where the experts come together to get to know the universe glasses in all its nuances,” says Cirillo Marcolin, President and Mido Anfao, the National Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers. “A universe that includes more planets than sunglasses to that of optical frames, moving machinery, small, slow and organized distribution, all protagonists of a complex system and related, that Mido is essential fulcrum.”

A great showcase, then, is the fashion trends is the strongest of technological innovations in the sector and with laboratory testing, as well as a table for doing business. Here, large and small businesses, corporations, and private brands are showing their world premieres on eyeglasses, sunglasses, lenses, and small machinery. In short, the entire process is housed in these halls.

How? For years, the winning formula concentrate on Mido Fashion District sees the top players of the world “eyewear“, but also small and medium companies that follow the fashion trends. The brands that are high in design and technology are instead in Mido Design Lab, where they always have a large audience that seeks its news more “forward” for markets that are called ‘niche’, but are becoming more demanding and profitable.

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A giant space itself – Mido Tech – is then devoted to machines, raw materials and components for the industry, while the Asian Pavilion is a showcase for manufacturers in Asia and the Pavilion for the 22 companies of ophthalmic lenses.

In times of crisis, a tour of this “world” concentrate for three days at the Fair is a good way to get an idea of ​​how to react to the recession with its dynamism and creativity and to allow the largest possible number of insiders to come, this year’s “Mido” has organized a free Frecciarossa carrying more than 600 optical Milan from Rome, Florence and Bologna.