Eyeglasses trends: Moscot vintage sunglasses for summer 2014

The luxury eyewear brand Moscot renews the ranks of its collection of sunglasses for the hot season’s trends featuring the bold frames but from the minimalist cut eyewear models, embellished with glamorous details and splashes of unpublished color. Discover with us all Moscot vintage sunglasses for summer 2014!

Moscot vintage sunglasses for summer 2014 retro sun collection

The American brand has chosen for its eyewear collection proposed for this summer with different nuances that make it more radiant striped acetate focusing on a vintage style. The American brand Moscot integrated into its eyewear collection dedicated to the summer 2014 some iconic models that best express the timeless style of the brand, from model Lemtosh which is characterized by the return of the round lenses, these trendy round sunglasses have declined in several colors that favor the brown tortoiseshell and striatum, while the lenses are colored in various shades highlighting the sharp contrasts of great appeal. Within the collection proposed on Moscot vintage sunglasses then do not miss the Miltzen model that is characterized by a frame transparent crystal effect, this model was then thought in other variants including the version available in shades of light brown, also check the model with auctions dark tortoiseshell. Here to find most glam and feminine look sunglasses; Dolce & Gabbana eyewear spring summer 2014!

Moscot vintage sunglasses for summer 2014 Melody cat eye sunglasses

Among the models you can see on the eyewear collection Moscot vintage eyewear for summer 2014 is also the model Lemtosh, characterized by an optical frame which is inserted a wraparound sunglasses, clip-ons that engages in the frame allows you to transform them from eyeglasses, sunglasses and eyewear inspired by fashion trends typical of the ’60s and ’70s vintage styles. In short, in the collection of the brand you will find everything you need to personalize your style and make it even more retro. The American brand in the wake of vintage fashion also suggests Yukel model that relies acetate, the glasses have a sleek design with the addition of a bridge with metal detail on the temples, while the lenses are colored green bottle.

Moscot vintage sunglasses for summer 2014 retro eyewear

History of Moscot

It is an institution in an international perspective. Born in New York for nearly 100 years, has been managed to create Moscot eyewear style and unsurpassed manufacturing. Sell ​​its branded eyeglasses worldwide, although it remains a family business.

Hyman Moscot, the patriarch of the family, arrived at Ellis Island in 1899 from Eastern Europe, like so many others seeking the Promised Land a better future. But Hyman, creative and restless, soon began selling sunglasses and manufactured in a basket next to the Orchard Street in lower Manhattan. Time passed and created his own shop, with the invaluable help of his son.

In the 50s, the grandson of Hyman, Joel, took over the charming shop “House of Moscot” on Orchard Street, developing models of new glasses and adapting old models of the century. They are his children, Harvey and Kenny, who are today in charge of a nearly century-old company that publishes your files glasses of the ‘30s to the ‘70s, with the quality and style their demanding customers expect currently. Its three stores in New York lighthouse are a mere sample of the worldwide network of distribution of copies present in the best optics on five continents. Don’t miss also the trendiest cat eye collection Miu Miu women’s eyewear spring summer 2014!

Trendy retro style sunglasses

Moscot vintage sunglasses for summer 2014 Eldan

A variety of models of retro inspiration, crystals of the highest quality and original finishes up the proposals of trendy sunglasses for this summer 2014. Various sizes, adaptations, sunglasses, seasonal collections, daring models and eternal retro, Moscot vintage sunglasses make the most advanced and retro at the same time mark on the world scene. Neighbors of Moscot and the family have served as models in many of their campaigns: the goal is to give all New York personality that prints each model presented.

What do you think of this new sun collection of Moscot vintage sunglasses for summer 2014? It’s a big must for you who want to highlight your summer look with vintage and retro style eyewear for this hot season. Discover the prices in its official site!

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