Eyebrows makeup trends spring summer 2014

The make-up trends of recent seasons invite women to focus on an eye makeup alluring and seductive relying primarily on well-defined eyebrows, thick and straight, with a return to the natural or raw beauty with the top a little more arched. Discover more with us the eyebrows makeup trends spring summer 2014!

Makeup trends spring summer 2014: authentically natural look eyebrows

Defining a suitable makeup for your eyebrows is not easy and that’s why many women in big cities rely on the BROW BAR that is specific to the For each type of cheek bone arch halls that are dedicated to the care of the eyebrows, those who want to do it alone must pay particular attention to not to get too carried away, limiting itself only to tear off excess hair with the help of tweezers and then using waxes and eye shadows specific to delineate better. Find also our topic on Jean Louis David hair trends spring summer 2014!

Makeup trends spring summer 2014: Emilio Pucci raw beauty eyebrows

There are several ARCUATE SHAPES can realize then for every face fits a certain type, even if the shapes suggestions are: to gull wing shape with somewhat angular, with the ascending and the descending thicker thin; such  wing swallow, which emphasizes a high ponytail, and the natural shape favors a decidedly oversized volume.

Makeup trends spring summer 2014: natural color eyebrows in SS'14

After choosing the most suitable for your face you should also take care of the make-up by focusing on a natural effect and raw beauty as dictated by fashion spring summer 2014: the final touch is to use the eye pencil to fill in the gaps and give a more decided to look more decided, then … the look, you can alternatively apply the powder to thicken the eyebrows to distribute them over the entire length with the brush, and to keep them in order, you can use wax or gel suitable fixative. See also the nail art trends for spring summer 2014!

Makeup trends spring summer 2014: nude dye eyebrows colour

Among the recent trends in make-up is also recognized as spring summer 2014 fashion, DYE YOUR EYEBROWS to give it more definition without creating an excessive detachment from the natural color of your hair, so blondes can opt for a color gradation from the brightest, the same speech holds for blackberries and red, but if the intent is to achieve a marked contrast then you can choose a shade different from the color of the hair.

Discover with us the latest trends in beauty and make-up trends of the season with some simple tips you can follow!

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