Emporio Armani sunglasses Fall-Winter 2014/2015: fresh & sophisticated women’s eyewear

Not just limited for the sunny weather, eyewear is one of the timeless accessories suitable to wear in each season and it’s about how you can pick the perfect one to match your style in every situation. Well, here at Fashionbashon we want to show you the colorful collection of Emporio Armani sunglasses Fall-Winter 2014/2015 so you can choose the right shapes, colors and styles of the eyeglasses according to your face, hair, makeup or outfits to enhance your performance during this cold season.

Latest women's Emporio Armani sunglasses Fall-Winter 2014/2015

Fresh and dignified statement for this Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 women’s must-have accessories, Emporio Armani presents its eyewear collection in sophisticated shapes with various colors and designs for those who want to include modernity in their daily wear. Dedicated to complete women’s elegant look, the eyeglasses of the brand comes in several different features; neon or metallic colors, cool frames, lenses and other exceptional details to strengthen feminine and modern silhouette accompanied by stylish outfits and other accessories from women’s wardrobe. Let’s find out the prices and specification for each item on the official online store to anticipate your next shopping list of the new season! Complete also your new season wardrobe with the latest Kate Spade designer handbags Autumn-Winter 2014/2015!

Emporio Armani sunglasses F-W 2014/2015: eyewear color collection

On the top of Emporio Armani sunglasses Fall-Winter 2014/2015 collection, the favored fashion house shows us state of the art cat-eye lenses eyewear in light aqua green or turquoise; Sunglasses Color Collection ($ 175.00) with fancy acetate frame and smooth metallic temples. Designed for women to intensify their look, the sunglasses will be sumptuous to fit other cold season elements like hat or scarf or other trendy accessories, the belted wool dress in light green or other soft pastel colors are also perfect to perform more modern and contemporary style of a woman wearing this item.

Emporio Armani sunglasses F-W 2014/2015: womens cat eye eyewear

Among the compelling eyewear of Emporio Armani sunglasses collection for autumn-winter season, we also find the classic cat-eye sunglasses in dark brown Havana color ($ 175.00). Featuring refined acetate and aluminium materials on the frame, temples and shades of dark brown lenses add an elegance touch to wear with feminine clothing like women’s suit, blouse, coat or jacket in bright or dark tones accompanied by the luxurious accessories such as embossed croc leather handbags, or patent leather shoulder to create more sophisticated lines on elegant silhouette.

Emporio Armani sunglasses F-W 2014/2015: large round lenses eyewear

And to implement a feminine twist into your daily look, Emporio Armani sunglasses Fall-Winter 2014/2015 offers acetate and aluminium sunglasses ($ 175.00) with shimmering finish, large and round lenses in light purple or soft lilac color. Fresh and modern is the main characteristic of this item and you can play with other elements or outfits; knit sweaters, wool coat, slim-fit pants in trendy pastel tones like pinkish, light purple, orange or beige to create bold and calm look at the same time.

Emporio Armani sunglasses F-W 2014/2015: modern design eyewear

As alternative for the item above, from the latest Emporio Armani sunglasses collection we can also find large with modern round lenses sunglasses in black ($ 175.00), soft finished-aluminium temples and light acetate material on its frame creating an engrossing allure for a woman who prefers an elegant accessory to boost their style in this new season. Through this iconic item, Emporio Armani shows us an awe-inspiring look to fit the fashionable and glamorous outfits, shoes, bags, scarves, hats and other must-have accessories for women. And you cannot also miss the most prestigious proposals of Mango women LookBook September 2014.

Emporio Armani sunglasses F-W 2014/2015: woman cat-eye eyewear

From the aqua green, Havana, lilac and black of Emporio Armani sunglasses Fall-Winter 2014/2015 above, now we turn to the cat-eye eyewear (145.00) that is available in clear fuchsia color. It’s indisputable that the cat-eye sunglasses will be one of the most intriguing elements to match the warm outfits, the clear color in light pink or fuchsia create an enchanting sense to combine with seasonal accessories of the fashion house.

Emporio Armani sunglasses F-W 2014/2015: cat-eye eyewear for women

As an exceptional option to the cat-eye sunglasses above, you can also opt for different color in light metallic purple with the same price to complete your eyewear wardrobe of the season.

Emporio Armani sunglasses F-W 2014/2015: elegant square frame eyewear

Proposed for women who love to have retro mood on ultra-feminine accents on their style; Emporio Armani suggests modern square frame acetate sunglasses (145.00) in elegant black color with graduated lenses in shades of dark brown and grey. The distinctive shape and design of the sunglasses add more sophistication touches combined with luxurious detail as a perfect refinement reflecting the elegance of the manufacturer.

Those are the iconic eyewear of the fashion house we present here at Fashionbashon with the price list detail. To get those items above you can browse and shop at official Emporio Armani women sunglasses FW 2014-15!

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