Curvy and sensual, here is the Elena Miro collection spring summer 2014

The Elena Miro collection spring summer 2014 has made ​​its appearance at Milan fashion woman with the line For.Me tells of a woman who fell into the urban dimension, a woman elegant and refined.

Elena Miro collection spring summer 2014: runaway Milan Fashion Week

The colors black and white are contrasted graphically; giving life to patterns that seem to draw the shadows of skyscrapers projected onto the intersections of major city streets. The language of the city and traffic signs is the protagonists.

The game patchwork of prints and chalk monochrome create visual suggestions on garments.

Elena Miro collection spring summer 2014: asymmetric white gown

The clothes, elegant and fluid, often found on asymmetrical cuts that accentuate the neckline and legs, the silhouette designed by Elena Miro is highly sensual. Read also our selection of top 10 trendiest look in Milan Fashion Week spring-summer 2014!

The shades of color are typical for a wardrobe of impact and a unique design language and very contemporary. In the next season the womenswear designer Elena Miro, in fact, have the caramelized tones in combination with the “timeless” black and white colors to arrive, then, ivory. Lightweight fabrics in Aztec Print and warm tones, such as olive green and bronze, or floral prints mixed with geometric shapes infused in garments in the collection two souls: one romantic, the other sprint.

The principle that motivates the Elena Miro collection spring summer 2014 is that any woman loves to wear something unique. The female universe, with all its demands, is the center towards which converges all the attention of the collection. Women Elena Miro, in essence, they want to be stylish. DIscover more news on new Fendi collection for spring summer 2014 at Milan Fashion Week!

The design style of the collection For.Me Elena Miro, presented for the spring summer 2014 is, therefore, “to enhance the female form through a clear stylistic identity.” The spring summer 2014 Elena Miro is dedicated to free women who live daily in a relaxed manner, despite the commitments, women who are confident and have a refined style.

The collection is a triumph of soft lines that caress and enhance the physical curvilinear. The collection, without excesses, is intense and feminine, thanks to the use of fabrics and flowery, the real trend of the next hot season.

He put the Elena Miro collection spring summer 2014 built around the contrasts of color, black and white, and texture, textures, python, abstract, patchwork prints and chalk, precious embroideries. The combination of color, in contrast marked by almost a rhythm, gives movement and emphasizes the outfits. The palette, although basic, is welcomed by the prints with watercolor effect.

In the collection there are the clothes that enhance the fluid silhouette thanks to asymmetrical cuts, the clothes in the bag with geometric cut, the soft shorts and tuxedo pants over, the top and dusters rights that fall on the figure. The shrewd stylistic choices confirm the ability of the brand to highlight the strengths of curvy women. And here for Asos Curve US new plus size clothing collection summer 2014 for curvy women.

We can say that the wise choice of materials plays an important role in the new spring summer collection 2014. Silk is the host, declined in all black models (such as Versace handbags), total white or striped with both colors. did not, however, given up the habit of shocking pink, white and optical hinges zip only functional aesthetics and little comfort. Don’t miss also our topic on “Milan Fashion Week: Prada shoes Spring Summer 2014“!

For Elena Miro, style is a matter of attitude, the one designed by the brand’s new collection is modern and avant-garde. The message on the creation of an innovative and unique outfit goes perfectly through the parades where, through the heads of Elena Miro, takes the excitement and freshness of the natural lines of the body of every woman.

The city as a source of inspiration is translated into dress, from top to soft sleeve shirts with chipped the knee shorts with clean cut and slim. For the evening, the top have V-necklines, sequins occur as a decorative element and shiny, knee-length pencil skirts have an impressive side slit.

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