Do not wait to July to enjoy the summer sales 2014 Desigual!

As most brands this year, as the interesting news comes from Desigual; the brand has already begun with a lot of discounts on its summer sales 2014! And although the official sales period does not begin until July 1 (June 21 in Madrid), few firms can resist the temptation to encourage purchases start a little earlier.

Summer sale 2014 Desigual, June to July 2014

Of course, in its summer sales 2014 Desigual does not offer deals on all garments in the collection, nor a discount exceeding 30% off, but the truth is the fashion brand allows us to buy at the lower price, almost up to 50% off for all Desigual fashion collections.

Want to see the best of the pre-sale for summer 2014?

Summer sale 2014 Desigual dresses up to 50% off

Well, we start keeping an eye on the dresses; one of the stars of the brand’s clothing for summer. We selected from the new collection there are three models we can see on the cover, the enchanting summery dresses almost have a discount price 50% off. The dark blue dress Flechazo, with feminine floral butterfly prints, a delicate v-neckline and close-fitting at the waist; available at $52.00 from original price $104.00, the next is the elegant chic white minidress with shoulder diagonal straps Abril only at $48.30 from the previous price $79.00. The summery dress is also Argentina ($62.30 from $114.00), the multicolor prints on beautiful turquoise dress with adjustable belt on the waist. And for the trendy beachwear collection, here are the swimwear and swimsuits Tezenis 2014!

Summer sale 2014 Desigual handbags discounts

From the summer sales 2014 Desigual summery dresses, we move to the bags collection offered by the brand on its summer pre-sale. Lots of new bags spring summer collection 2014 discount! And talk about the trendy accessories to fit your styles in the hot season, let’s start from the shopper Ampli, the fantasies pattern multicolored shopping bag now costs $30.80 from the original price $44.00. The following bag is the messenger Bandolera Paulina with 2 pockets and customizable strap feature at $62.10 from $69.00. The next is the elegant functional classic mini Maletita Marine that is available only at $39.50 from $79.00.

Summer sale 2014 Desigual shoes at low cost

Since the summer pre-sales are still available, what you cannot miss is also the multicolor printed footwear Desigual. Indeed, the discount price is not available for the entire shoes; you still have a chance to choose some items with an interesting sale, as you can see one of the items highlighting the Desigual women’s shoes for summer collection 2014 shown in our previous topic, the feminine chic style wedge sandals Cuña alta with lively colors inspired by 80’s high heels fashion that is now priced at $169.00 from $194.00. And for those who prefer a casual style, the black and white sneakers Runningsiete, adorned by amazing floral prints with color effect on the toe this shoes priced $86.80 from $124.00. Want more casual shoes, then the printed slipper Esparto Plano is another casual option which is available at the same price with the Runningsiete shoes.

Summer sale 2014 Desigual t-shirts at low prices

Not just ends here, there are still several good offers to see, especially provided on the latest collection of t-shirts: now we can take a lot of summer sales 2014 Desigual shirts for only $62.30 from the original price $89.00, it is the grey long-sleeve viscose t-shirt Olga; the close-fitting design is perfectly wrapped in the body to enhance your look. And from the tank top we choose Segon to keep you fresh during the summer heat, this feminine look sleeveless t-shirt priced at $44.10 from $69.00. Want lower price and more fresh color print? It is the Soleil slim-fitted t-shirt priced at only $39.50 from $79.00.

How about these pre-sale Desigual Summer sales 2014? You will take advantage or wait and see if prices continue to fall? Check out more fashion collection and its discount price detail at official Desigual summer favourites!

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