Diorskin Forever – New Dior Makeup Collection #evermoreperfect

Inspired by the makeup artists’ professional techniques, Dior has put in place a 3-step routine around the new Diorskin Forever Fluid foundation: makeup base + foundation + loose powder.

Natalie Portman poses for Diorskin Forever Makeup Collection Ads

American model and actress Natalie Portman stars the advertising campaign of Dior Makeup collection, Diorskin Forever. The collection includes 3-step routine; Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear, Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation and Backstage Blender.

Inspired by lively charm & springtime luminosity of gardens in bloom, here to see the newest lines of Dior Glowing Gardens Collection for Spring/Summer 2016.

Behind the scenes Diorskin Forever campaign starring Natalie Portman

Diorskin Forever tent haute perfection base, de tent makeup

THE ROUTINE – For a perfect complexion on a daily basis, Dior drew inspiration from the techniques of professional makeup artists and designed a 3-step routine around the new Diorskin Forever fluid foundation: makeup base + foundation + loose powder.

Diorskin Forever perfect makeup everlasting wear

A PERFECT COMPLEXION – Dior creates Perfect Makeup Everlasting Wear: Diorskin Forever. Immediately, its fluid, non-oily texture blends seamlessly with the skin for a weightless, fresh-matte finish. For 16h*, it delivers flawless hold and exceptional comfort on the skin. Day after day, the skin’s texture and pores appear refined and its surface enhanced.

Images: Dior.com

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