Dior Beauty Presents CAPTURE TOTALE, the New Multi-Perfection Crème

Dior unveils Capture Total, the new multi-perfection cream, the most beautiful victory of Dior Science.

Dior Capture Totale Campaign Video - Beauty Confession by Eva Herzigova

An Ode To Triumphant Femininity

Time no longer seems to have control over the face’s beauty. With the new Multi-Perfection Creme, women have found a skincare product that reflects them and is capable of maintaining their seduction at its peak and give them instant pleasure.

The Essential Allies of Multi-Perfection Creme

An ideal complement to the Multi-Perfection Creme, Dreamskin is the first global age-defying perfect skin creator for exquisitely beautiful skin, even without makeup. Upon application, a combination of optical agents refines the skin’s texture, tightens pores, erases dark spots and redness, and reveals shine-free radiance. Day after day, the skin is enhanced by the age-defying and skin-perfecting powers of stem cells. It is firmer, smoother and lastingly unified. For a more sophisticated result and a more intense radiance, discover also the makeup line.

Total youthful beauty skincare. Thanks to its stem cells expertise, Dior Science has created a skincare range that corrects all visible signs of aging to reveal a radiant youthful beauty.

Capture Totale video ad campaign, Dior's new beauty collection starring Eva Herzigova

Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Creme Campaign Video Starring Eva Herzigova

On the short film the beautiful Czech model and actress Eva Herzigová talks about her beauty confession: “If I could turn back time I wouldn’t change anything then you Capture Totale, the new multi-perfection cream, the most beautiful victory of Dior Science. Anti-gravity technology for instance and deep controlling the skin, ideally smooth, toned and unified the face lights up”.

Your age ? The most beautiful age. The new capture to tell multi-perfection cream by Dior.

Triple Correcting Foundations Wrinkles Dark Spots Radiance

A prodigious serum foundation texture that delivers triple action correction instantly and over time.

Dream Skin - Global Age-defying Perfection Skincare

Dreamskin is exceptional skincare that pushes the limits of traditional cosmetics. For the 1st time, a skincare treatment is capable of acting simultaneously on the quality, evenness and youthful beauty of skin. Its unique universal formula is a true breakthrough – it is both a global age-defying treatment and a perfect skin creator.


Dior reinvents its iconic creme to unveil a more authentic finish, a more delightful pink colour, an even more emblematic fragrance and a next-generation fusion texture. It now comes in three textures, including a new lightweight fresh creme gel. A unique sensory experience, suitable for all women, whatever the climate, season or their desire.

Texture Légère, Texture Universelle, Texture Riche Creme Gel, 1 Signature, 3 Interpretations

The Multi-Perfection Creme circumvents the laws of time and, for the 1st time*, those of gravity. This creme encourages the revitalization of the skin’s precious “springs”: the mother cells at the origin of the deep contouring of the skin. Superbly smoothing, re-sculpting and unifying, it tones the skin from its deepest layers to its surface. The face is perfectly tautened and toned while all visible signs of aging – wrinkles, loss of firmness and radiance, and uneven skin tone – are corrected instantly and with every application. Youthful beauty is brought to its pinnacle. Today and tomorrow.

  • TEXTURE LÉGÈRE (Light Texture): a transparent crème-gel that is fresh and air-whipped for perfect comfort.
  • TEXTURE UNIVERSELLE (Universal Texture): a fine, soft melt-in crème for unrivaled smoothness.
  • TEXTURE RICHE (Rich Texture): a lusciously fine and nourishing crème that is a true cocoon for the skin.

Dior Science combines powerful effectiveness and sensory delight. Discover the new multi-perfection creme, an ode to triumphant femininity: on.dior.com/ctcreme16. And here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/99FwEx2moCU

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