Collistar special perfect tan for summer 2014: perfect self tanning solution

Two new solar collection Collistar for this summer 2014 here is the presentation of Oleogel Magic Supertanning face and body and CC Magic Stick.

Collistar Special perfect tan for summer 2014: sun-tanning ideas

A perfect skin needs a perfect tan. Collistar Special perfect tan for summer 2014 has developed a whole range of solar products to get a tan just the way you want. It is important to have the security of being defended by UVA, UVB and infrared by, but not limited to the skin needs this kind of protection, it must also defend against dehydration and free radicals that develop further under the sun. Sunbathing does not mean finding himself alone with dark skin, but also that it remains compact and returns, smooth, soft such as after a beauty treatment. Also new this year is two Oleogel magic supertanning face and body and CC Magic stick.

Oleogel Magic Supertanning Lower Face and Body Protection SPF 10 Water Resistant

Collistar Special perfect tan for summer 2014: Oleogel magic supertanning

The part of the line offered by Italian cosmetic brand, a product with an innovative texture and the formulation containing walnut, carrot oil, chamomile and vitamin complex that allows you to intensify the color, stimulate melanin, reducing congestion skin and keep it moisturized with an antioxidant effect. A product for those who want to tan quickly but safely. Low Protection SPF 10. Regarding makeup trends for summer, read also Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014!

An innovative solar pampers the skin, protects it and allows it to quickly obtain an intense color, light and long terms. The pleasure of an unusual texture that combines the freshness and the rate of absorption of a gel properties nourishing and firming of oil. Ultra-sensory, non-greasy and melts voluptuously on the skin keeping it soft and smooth, even after many hours of sunshine.

The power of a sun supertanning that associates the Unipertan®, accelerator complex and tan intensifier with carrot oil and walnut oil in Piedmont, particularly rich in juglone, a substance which, combined with the keratin of the skin, darkens in a natural way.

Collistar Special perfect tan for summer 2014: face magic drops self tanning

The intensive moisturizing and anti-aging to a formula rich in active ingredients on Collistar Special perfect tan for summer 2014, first of all the precious Elix -IR™ that protects the elastic fibers of the skin from the damage of infrared rays. He is assisted by vitamins C and E energizing and anti- free radicals, vitamin B5 moisturizing and protective, soothing chamomile extract and soothing.

For summer 2014, Collistar Special perfect tan includes the security of a broad spectrum protection against UV -A, UV-B, Infrared and the ozone layer damage. Perfect for face and body. Apply to face and body before sun exposure. Repeat the application several times during the day, especially after bathing or any perspiration. All skins and all those who love to have undergone a beautiful golden color. See also Chanel Le Lift Crème, smart skincare cream from Chanel!

CC Magic Stick

A versatile product that gives color and beautify the skin. For sensitive areas, even for scars and is perfect to even out discoloration and minor defects that stick defends sunrays but at the same time helps you to achieve perfect tan. In its formulation contains nut oil, coral weed and Loofah oil, perfect to activate melanin and vitamin E, which contrasts the proliferation of free radicals. The texture is extremely creamy thanks to microscopic dust, easy to apply, gives comfort even going to dull areas ‘shiny’ for a second skin. For more details, discover the item on Collistar Special perfect tan!

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