Chloe new look for spring 2014, women’s clothing collection: the presence of soft tones in feminine design

This collection comes from one of the most popular French fashion houses Chloe that has launched its new women’s clothing catalog for the next spring 2014. Through the soft tones combined with a tranquil style, the designer of the fashion house seems to preserve the luxury, the main characteristic of the brand Chloe. Discover with us all the Chloe new look for spring 2014, women’s clothing collection.

Chloe new look for spring 2014 tranquil and comfy design

Soft, smooth and comfy, the calm colors tend to suit the comfort of materials like cotton, satin or wool mixed with various feminine prints and patterns, lace and other embellishments are also applied to meet the most charming designs of shorts and long dresses presented on Chloe new look for spring 2014, women’s clothing collection. Among the ready to wear collection, the crepe trousers in shades of green seem perfect to match the silk top with contrast line graphic.

The freshness of natural shades of green that you can see on the Spencer jacket, jersey top or the cashmere shorts seem to highlight this new Chloe collection for the new look session. The lace skirt with flower pattern in black and white designed to match the white cotton poplin shirt with soft layer. Through its new look, Chloe seems working so hard to fill its collection with perfect tailored clothing dedicated to the next trends in fashion spring 2014. Here to discover Asos Curve US new plus size clothing collection summer 2014 for curvy women.

Not just ends here, other trendy colors like yellow, bright pink, turquoise and multi-colors are the prominent at Chloe new look for spring 2014, women’s clothing collection. The Bermuda shorts with the most comfortable material like fabric or wool, the knitwear or sweaters bring the new breakthrough in the heart of fashion industry. In this collection Chloe also plays with some transparencies to embellish the lace in any dresses proposed to be the most attractive look of the next season.

While adored at the softness of this new look presented by Chloe for spring 2014 collection for women, you will be amazed by the glittering of sandals with metal cuff around the feet of the models. The familiar handbag names like Charlotte, Baylee or Clare shoulder bag are also included by Chloe to have the most superb look of women’s catalog spring 2014. Find also Fire Mountain Gems for Valentines Day gift ideas 2014!

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