Charlotte Olympia handbags spring summer 2014: marine world inspired

The London-based designer  CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA has created a collection of handbags for spring summer 2014 animated with so much verve and eccentricity, relying on an almost irreverent color palette inspired by the marine world starring: sirens, compasses, transparent materials, FANTASIES NAVY.

Charlotte Olympia handbags spring summer 2014: purple transparent bag

There is a proposal to be found on the new Charlotte Olympia handbags spring summer 2014 and it’s fun to come on stage with unique models or even a little mermaid handbag, decorated with compass clutch on some models and more inspiration is marked one that evokes the world of pirates as evidenced by the small shoulder in the form of a cannonball in the fun version of the cartoon. Regarding the costume for holiday, here OYSHO women’s beachwear for summer 2014 trends!

The designer Charlotte Olympia populates its bags collection especially with seasonal patterns, aesthetics and over the top original clutch, playing as the iconic novelty model Pandora, declined with surface reminiscent of the marine world, focusing mainly on the presence of sirens and transparent materials that are colored green, turquoise, yellow and fuchsia.

Charlotte Olympia handbags spring summer 2014: cartoon print wallet

Among the most interesting line of PANDORA GOURMET, eye-catching models with shrimp and models of clutch paths on grounds of blue and white stripes. To match your style on the hot season, you can see shoes spring summer collection 2014 ZARA TRF!

In the collection of handbags spring summer 2014 signed Charlotte Olympia there are also models that draw inspiration from the world of Zodiac signs, even in this case the model protagonist of this line of creations is the Pandora model, available in different colors such as white, purple and blue.

There are also in the look of the bags that are inspired by VINTAGE STYLE and light-hearted such as clutch decorated with transparent closure which depicts a pair of rimmed glasses that evoke the 50’s, or even the model posing as a glamorous detail old camera. The sprouting series are also of the more sober and minimalist aesthetic but paths to fashion and eye-catching elements such as SUGARBALL CLUTCH that dresses of total gold.

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